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View Word List Monday, February 23, 2004


2427 patty
1511 coach
1453 tommyslax
1344 Yvonne
1290 Kimchi
1260 Beeyotch
1252 donbiotik
1243 Yecats
1172 Fantasy
1123 atlatl51
1037 cathycal
1031 Daya
1020 Dottie
1019 DRS
983 timg
942 Michelle
801 eshadow
788 jencal
776 woohoo
698 babyjag
674 defenestrate99
650 Natasha
597 vorbis
492 ADL
445 Sammer
423 lra
340 aurora
248 LK
133 Aimee
79 themick


9:03 am
sex kitten

Wow! yesterday was a really good game. Here is an idea!!! Maybe just one game...people could put away the dics, and actually use their own brains.
9:10 am
sex kitten

Elhombre, Mr God, can you use your magic powers and take care of the cheaters?
11:03 am

Ask and ye shall receive!

"themick" has been nuked for obvious cheating. "cathycal" is definitely using supplements, but I'm going to only give probation in this case. Clean up your act, cathycal, or face the wrath.
11:30 am

woohoo...way to go Dr. God.
Its depressing to play against cheats.
Thanks sex kitten, i wanted to say something myself but you beat me to it.
Stay vigilant!
12:33 pm

What is obvious cheating? What constitutes definite supplements? I play this game for fun, obviously others take it to a different degree!
1:13 pm

One person's fun is another person's "funny".
2:33 pm

"funny" meaning what? This is just a game for entertainment. Millions of dollars aren't at stake. Maybe some people actually do have brains. Just something to think about.
4:22 pm

notsure cathycal gets my meaning. fun and entertainment for some may involve using a dictionary. others may see this as cheating. "who cares"
but if Ccal wants the viewing audince to believe the words came naturaly from its brain, well...... not likely
4:34 pm

In my case, I don't work weekends so my score should be higher then as I can devote more time. I realize I don't even compare to some...using other than the God given brain would be very time consuming and tedious...
5:32 pm

Dr. God did you fix babble so it now knows rosacea is a word? I'm still upset about that one.
5:53 pm

p.s. - can you send down a lightning bolt to smite those who use anything but their own brains to come up with words? i mean, since you ARE omniscient and omnipotent...? you don't even have to smite their persons, just their supplements! ZAP! ashes!! (and bless mommy and daddy and...)
6:21 pm

i know why she's getting defensive! that BALCO guy's been spelling words for her that only occur on his special medicine bottles! i swear!

do you think barry bonds' head is permanently larger?
6:40 pm

Wow....You people are absolutely insane. How would you know "the mick" is using supplements. Are you sitting next to him while he plays the game! I think not. say these words are not likely to come from the brain....maybe not yours..but other people may be able to spell words with more than 5 letters..doesn't make them a cheat!!! I just thought I would waste my time like the rest of you writing these stupid ass messeges!!!!
6:41 pm

sex kitten...get a life
6:42 pm

Who's got time to sit there looking thru every page of a dictionary (unless there's some program people are using)?
Actually, I'm starting to feel OK about my 19th place ranking--attained w/o the help of any aids.
6:48 pm

and you know they are looking through every page...funny how all you people are know what the other is doing. maybe your 19th ranking was from a little help from the dictionary..who would know for sure...this game was fun...then people make it come to sad
6:57 pm

now, now, boys and nice.
7:01 pm

and if you CAN'T play nice, let's get down and dirty and really duke it out!
( i don't think it's right to use a dictionary of any kind in a "brain" game. if anybody is, well, tsk, tsk.)
7:09 pm

I didn't say I knew anyone WAS using a dictionary! Scroll back and reread.

All I know is I'm not!
8:07 pm

nice language! "jencal"
8:10 pm

wasn't saying you were. don't know if anybody is. just saying that nobody should - the fun would be gone from the game.
dr. god, can you give us all some kind of absolution, along with a stern uber-parental admonition and a veiled threat of dire consequnces? and then send us back to the game! because it's not whether you win or lose, etc. thank you.
8:14 pm

besides, these messages are so engrossing that i'm not even playing the game, just waiting for the next message. :-)
8:35 pm

Thanks Patty!!!!!!!!! Glad you approve!!
8:52 pm

uh. looking at the word list's from yesterday. (i'm a loser).

i see "fohn" and "arpent" in ccals. those aren't in any of the other top scorers. odd...
8:56 pm

Jencal or whoever you are...Sex kitten does have a life, a very good one. Dr. God knows when a word scrambler is being used. If you look to the first post, Sex kitten did'nt mention any names. Dr God keeps track of everyones scores. I realize you are new to the game. Its not your fault you are un able to think outside of your box.
9:03 pm

how do you check to see what woeds people had the day before?
sleep well all...
9:04 pm

oops...*words...hope I don't get deducted.
9:04 pm

click on "yesterday's puzzle" and then the plalyers name on the next page. and i admit to using performance enhancers as well. i'm drunk all the time!
9:06 pm

Cheers Tommy-thanks...
10:21 pm

10:21 pm

hmm....cathycal managed to write perpent and typier yesterday, neither of which are defined according to

Dr. God, how do words that aren't words get through and how do words that are words (i.e., rosacea) not?
10:21 pm

oh dictionary! ;)
10:32 pm

Hey wait, while we're on the dictionary, could you check on shant? I think that's a word.
10:50 pm

WOW. . .
11:10 pm

barbie thanks for the information, I will try my hardest to think outside my box!!!! Thanks for your concern
11:27 pm

I am proud to weigh in on this debate.
11:28 pm

yeah, me too! debate rocks!
11:28 pm

you mean, like stalactites?
11:29 pm

no, those are too pointy and might hurt one of us. I think obsidian would be nicer.
11:30 pm

11:30 pm

11:31 pm

11:31 pm

[hubba hubba!]
11:32 pm

sooooo, whatcha doing later tonight, poopie?
11:33 pm

looking for the conjunctive clause between you and me, hot stuff.
11:40 pm

whatcha wearin?
11:42 pm

wow, what a bunch of f***ing nerds...
11:47 pm

HEY, YOU'RE NAMED AFTER A NASCAR DRIVER. I just wouldn't be talking, that's all.
11:52 pm

Whew!!! 203 - 2427 Now That's Some Cheatin!