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View Word List Monday, May 17, 2004


2412 GeneralVanya
2007 themick
1944 CalamityJames
1899 cbullock
1617 beluga
1609 itzie
1522 meeker
1514 RET
1506 lalika
1501 lawyer-1
1389 Now_a_Pumpkin
1381 eshadow
1357 skittledog
1274 gotz00
1272 cheeto44
1237 qu0s
1227 Bella
1210 angsthase
1183 ctrl+alt+del
1153 Michelle
1150 johnsu01
1139 liz
1138 geekgeek
1138 marsala125
1117 Tina
1110 devvie
1109 Justin
1106 Huh
1106 Aussie Goddess
1064 tom
1056 jean
1053 hikat
1036 elphaba
1008 tommyslax
1005 Foulke29
1002 libboy
988 sapphie
975 fundercat
961 jak
959 sauril
936 Hypothetico
927 theonleething
919 pmo260
915 sk00by
910 dspike
904 discodave
895 derrr
887 Delta
882 academiannut
880 rhea
879 SeattleSky
879 fultonic
860 lauren
852 ame
850 nat
841 NemesisKid
840 fussmybacon
833 Liz
807 fussbudget
807 defenestrate99
803 majenwen
794 Natasha
792 bacchae
790 Jumpy Girl
785 Beeyotch
773 gleebs
762 refusal
756 runningforhome
752 K-Dog
750 Viviane
735 jmurdock
713 emma
704 Jesic
702 Tanny
694 seaotter
691 africajosh
689 cdalbaugh
689 Christine
679 pufferfish
676 ejackg22
668 jackula
663 Keala
661 Cottonwoolfairy
659 erindee
650 lion_newbie
634 L D
625 Prue
618 a-dawg
615 April
604 RKirwin
596 Ajax
588 Patella
588 chris
587 scoundrel
586 RPStar
583 joyce
576 Rico Diablo
572 petestein1
572 paulmcd76
570 Babygirl
568 helmet
563 jovilamonk
552 ikss
546 bebelua
545 Kaetchen
537 Dagny
530 Luraison
528 Adi
528 meggiemoo45
523 drscottjennings
522 bn
522 MsGidget
520 pat
517 Wes
516 soulbreaking
512 ansalon
508 Philwho
508 Jhaiisiin
506 lra
491 saxplyr
491 Cliffius
488 jillian
486 4t8
477 BIA
476 annie
433 Funf
428 taxi
416 Willie89
407 moocher
398 Alti
395 ashleyk
393 Magican
389 ciel
386 Dottie
385 artaxiel
365 cr nix
343 ladylikebag
338 fifi
316 milkmaid
310 Karen
294 audchu
280 Rosie
280 Drglady
277 Twisted
275 suzy
271 Logism
269 Tom
263 Morgan
257 teach_98
250 thespark
222 Otter
215 Meljo
157 Corinne
156 madeline
154 tor
152 CubsRotation
148 jbullock
145 lrig
141 giggly13
138 Louisa
137 linda
132 Catherine
128 Chrissy
83 babbled
78 arya
74 Bob
73 practice
63 daisy
59 patty
50 samtheman999
49 Jimbo
44 stinks02
41 eepingbunny
40 Marilyn Manson
35 joyfulgirl
35 LP
27 maraca
24 Cheater
22 mantua
10 Meg56
6 Drell
4 pscan


12:11 am

Anyone know how the Player Rankings work? I'm number 29, but I don't know what that means.
12:34 am

The player ranking system compares your scores against other players' scores for each puzzle and results in your average rank. Rankings range from 0-1000 and are updated after every puzzle. Players must have played at least three puzzles in the past 30 days in order to be ranked.
12:36 am

I understand that much.. but do you know the specifics of how the scores are compared?
12:41 am

I know that the number next to your name isn't an average of all of your scores - I've only played 4 games and I know what my average is for sure. I don't get it either. I don't understand why General Vanya isn't at the top since he/she is almost always at the top of the scores.
12:45 am

Vanya's ranking is the reason I'm wondering, too.
12:57 am
Marilyn Manson

hey biatch.
1:00 am

Now THIS is a puzzle. Finally some vowel opportunities. And it's only an hour in.

78 -- 4.74 -- 1005
1:10 am

Almost too many opportunities - it's rather daunting. I'm not finding many words under 5 in this one.
1:21 am

I can always find plenty words under 5 ;)'s over 5 that troubles me !LOL
1:25 am

Ok, I'm officially stuck. 61 - 4.69 - 701. I'm rather impressed that I managed to get 45 points for one word though. ;) Best day yet.
1:32 am

Don't give up, qu0s. There are so many suffixes and roots in here-- don't overlook them. "-ined", "-ier", etc. Look for these. =)
1:40 am

Thanks Calamity Jane. I just added a few new words - I'm up to 729 points now. I always feel vaguely guilty for some reason when I use plurals and things like that - it feels like I'm cheating. ;)
1:42 am

Erp... Calamity James, not Jane. Sorry. I'm still dazed from staring at this damn puzzle.
1:50 am

Not a problem, qu0s. This puzzle really stretches from those high school vocabulary books. I bet if you just guessed at what sounds/looks like words, you'll get at least a quarter of your guesses, right. Then look at them and see if they resemble words backward.
1:54 am

Only one 8 so far. I'm sure a 9 is in the midst somewhere.

For those of you who are on the hunt for bigger words but aren't sure how many are on here, there are indeed at least 16 six-letter words, 4 sevens, and one eight. Hopefully there are ever more. =)

137 words--4.67--1544
2:36 am

you obviously have not folded the Luandry yet Calamity *wink* lol
2:45 am

::laughs:: Indeed. I actually had the nerve to not pick up yesterday's game at all. So I got killed with 5xx points. C'est la vie, n'est-ce pas?

That's okay. All my laundry's done, so instead, I'm going to sleep now. Consider that your eight-hour free play time. =)
2:48 am

Sleep well Cj hope you dont see that grid when you close your eyes ;)
2:55 am

Thank you, Huh. I'll do my best, but unfortunately, my inner eyelids have been burned with a bright Babble box.
From which, I saw one more five, six, seven, and eight letter word. So it wasn't all that bad. ::winks::

141 words--4.72--1672
3:09 am
Aussie Goddess

HOY HUH ...get ur cute toosh ova ere :O
3:28 am

You called Sunshine?? :)
3:31 am
Aussie Goddess

Yes baby....<ecg>
5:47 am

why do we do this?
5:51 am

Good question. 64 words currently and losing the will to live.
5:58 am

Ah, skit, you quitter. Stop whingeing and get back to it! I'm currently 90 words 4.81 - -1138, and feeling like a smartypants for beating my old high score by so much. ;)
6:00 am

Hmmm. There seems to be someone playing as liz (lowercase) - this could get confusing! Liz (uppercase)!
6:19 am

you should be sincerely flattered
6:22 am

Fair point, but I'm sure that everyone here has fine attention to detai l
6:25 am

Quitter yourself, quos. 86/4.88/1156, and that's whilst trying to talk to you at the same time...
6:31 am

I said this in reply to Liz, not beluga, sorry (i.e. fair point about confusion...)
6:33 am

So, the gauntlet has been thrown down. May the best babbler win... which means I will, of course. :p (Yes, I'm aware I will be eating my words in a few hours once you overtake me. Mmmm, words.)
6:38 am

fancy eating them now? 90 words, 1190. And I just found a chaucerian one...obviously this game is actually good for me, instead of being a waste of time...
6:43 am

*munch munch* Mmm, words....
6:44 am

again though, why do we do this?
7:05 am


Sy = your score
Sm = max score,

i think your rating is something like:
R = avg((Sy / Sm) * 1000)

In other words, the best scorer each day gets 1000, and everyone else get a percentage there of
7:07 am

has anyone successfully used the N in the bottom right corner?
7:39 am

Nope. I can't see any way to.

But woo! Over 100 words, now: 102/4.85/1343. And there are at least three 8s.
8:16 am

some nice moon-related words.
8:22 am

six 7's, four 8's
9:06 am

Ah want YOOOOOO, to make me your WORD-SLAVE.....ohahoh, YOOOOOOOO...please doo-ooh-ooh....
9:09 am

Player Rank = (42*estimated player IQ as determined from mean Babble score)/(78*estimated player IQ as determined from mean Babble posting)
11:32 am

From Liz to liz... just don't say anything I wouldn't, and we'll all be find. And vice versa, of course...
12:13 pm

I don't understand how every one is getting so many words. Maybe the possibilities are too much for me little brain...
12:27 pm

don't know how much mental capacity is needed for this. you can improve as you go along & start learning words, even though you don't know what they mean!
12:29 pm

well, I am just not seeing the words. I keep typing possibilites and they don't work. Do people just type and type. I discovered yesterday all these words I thought I put in but only ran through my brain and did not type in.
12:38 pm

sometimes i type in what looks like a word, except for one or 2 letters and find it's another word, or an alternate spelling. but just random typing doesn't work that well for me. but adding prefixes & endings is a must, such as -ed, -er, in-, un-, re-, -s, -ing, etc.
12:40 pm

that is starting to work for me, I am up to 45 words, but what a struggle! Just in the last few minutes, things are a little better. THANKS!
12:43 pm

how long does it take you to find a word? i just found out about this today and its taking me ages just to find a 4 letter word.
12:45 pm

seconds to hours
12:49 pm

april, most welcome. good luck, there's a lot left to find.

speaking only for myself, many words i find instantly, but some words i never find, especially the longest ones. in general, i find short words fairly quickly, but there's no pattern in finding long words, you either spot them or you don't. :(
1:11 pm

4-6'S, NO 7'S, 8'S OR 9'S
1:20 pm

kudos to beluga and joey. . . U R Not Alone!!!!!!!!!

general V, U ROCK!!!! [;0
1:27 pm

let's see, slowly tooling around...
47/4.64/560 6-6's, 2-7's, and no 8's or 9's...I'll try tonight (Pacifin Northwest)
1:27 pm

My hint to finding words (besides actually having some time to burn), is start out by inputting everything you just see right away. Then focus on a specific starting letter and begin searching for longer words and words you missed the first time. Just work your way around the puzzle. Also, if in doubt, type it in!!
1:31 pm

incidentally, ne1 who's a regular here will undoubtedly enjoy JUMBLE online at
i've played it for years, only glitch is, it sometimes shows the wrong cartoon which makes it difficult to get the bonus.
2:04 pm

big thanks to babygirl for the encouragement, even though i'm not *that* challenged. still, b4 babble i thought i was well-lettered, but now i see there's another level above, with GV presiding of late.
2:25 pm

I never thought I'd get 28 points for playing with myself...
2:31 pm

there's always a first time
2:33 pm

And here was me thinking it would be the 9 letter words that would make me go blind.
2:59 pm

How long are these puzzles up? I just got on for the first time and there are 9 hours left. Where do you go to see standings?
3:00 pm

Whoops. I am so into the puzzle I did not see player rankings.
3:18 pm

otter--from one sea mammal to another--keep in mind that the rankings are based on a scale from 0 to 1000. this game, for instance, has lot more than 1000 points in it--i have close to 1500 right now--while others have lots less.
3:25 pm

Thanks Beluga! I just started a little before 3 and have 41 words and about 418 points. My contacts are drying out and I am afraid I can't leave this puzzle. I'm hooked!
3:34 pm

Alright, 70 /4.91 / 1005
3:41 pm

Argh, 99 words! Must... break... 100...
Time to start typing in random letters, I think. ;)
4:21 pm

82 words 4.72 988 .....and I am just plain stuck, I have the greatest admiration for peeps like beluga who are near 1500 on this grid, cos I feel like I've been banging my head against a brick wall for the past hour.

Night all!!
4:34 pm

I'm back and I have an hour to play.. I'll try to make it count. I want 2,000 points. And I will make it happen. Or I won't. We'll see.
4:54 pm

i have great respect for ne1 who can hammer away at this for an hour. :) but i'm resting my neurons for now at 127/4.76/1547.
5:10 pm

I'm running out of time! Graar...
154 words--4.75--1878

Just 122 more points!
5:16 pm

90 more points left, but there's just no time. There's a small chance that I'll get home before 10:00 my time (when the game resets), so if school smiles on me, I'll be back to finish this.
5:18 pm

Why can I not enter 'paneer', as in the Indian cheese curd?
5:38 pm

I tried paneer too! Bummer.
5:46 pm

the word pioneer is almost there and its making me angry
5:49 pm

i suppose i won't get in trouble if i drop a hint; there *is* a word that starts with p and ends in r, but start with the 'other' p.
5:51 pm

(lowercase liz) i know that feeling, however i just found one for 60 points!
7:25 pm

Only 40 words? I suck tonight... but I have found 2 7-letter words.
8:31 pm

Not too bad today. Too many vowels though. I got a few 6 letter words, which makes it a good day for me.

I dunno how you people keep getting 7 letter words. It's just not natural.
You can't be human. Some sort of android perhaps? It's the only explanation!
9:31 pm

86-4.79-1121 and i think i'm done
9:33 pm

i think somebody should just say one of the 7 letter words! ;-)
10:40 pm

I'm back, with 56 more points to go. I'm going to make it!
10:49 pm

i know a certain seven letter word.. ;)
10:51 pm

would u like to share your word? heh
10:57 pm

Arg. Am extremely frustrated!
10:58 pm

i feel ridiculously stupid. i think my brain just wasnt up for the challenge today
10:59 pm

You're doing wonderfully; don't feel stupid. Help me get 2,000 instead!
11:01 pm

ill cheat and give u a 33 point word, which u probably already have: spaced
11:03 pm

yep, already have spaced
11:04 pm

::smiles:: Thank you. I did have it, but it's all good. Just hit me upside the head and say "Find those words, damn it."
11:06 pm

haha ::hit:: well, im off to bed, its past midnight here and i've given up too easily tonight
11:28 pm

Bummer. Looks like I'm not going to make it. I've got to go home. =(

159 words 4.76 1944