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View Word List Tuesday, May 18, 2004


1857 GeneralVanya
1719 cbullock
1521 CalamityJames
1318 B.B.
1240 eshadow
1180 PJKurkoski
1139 Delta
1138 libboy
1119 keet
1082 Aussie Goddess
1071 qu0s
1069 discodave
1063 skittledog
1061 dicktrickle
1046 sk00by
1030 sapphie
1011 Ysegrim
996 Z-Tab
985 Justin
984 ame
983 ctrl+alt+del
967 africajosh
952 Hypothetico
940 liz
938 majenwen
926 rhea
921 tommyslax
911 angsthase
906 Bella
874 setting_sun
862 fultonic
859 defenestrate99
849 Dottie
841 Michelle
829 Tina
828 moocher
827 lauren
819 jak
818 bacchae
815 Rodders
811 Dagny
810 Beeyotch
806 sprogged
801 RKirwin
800 ladylikebag
791 RET
782 leanne
773 cdalbaugh
760 Kaetchen
758 flyingpig
756 elphaba
754 svog
747 SeattleSky
746 jen
737 pufferfish
723 bebelua
722 chris
722 Philwho
710 Foulke29
703 geekgeek
697 emma
692 jovilamonk
688 Babygirl
685 Natasha
679 gleebs
675 sauril
664 Jumpy Girl
663 fundercat
662 fussmybacon
660 milkmaid
630 joyce
623 Jesic
621 Prue
619 The Braker
615 Funf
615 Christine
614 April
608 pmo260
607 Tanny
600 biped
589 Assa
582 runningforhome
580 hikat
577 ikss
574 Luraison
572 M&O
570 Successie
562 Adi
557 Shona
554 devvie
547 jillian
542 marsala125
540 Alti
528 4t8
520 lra
518 nat
515 pat7936
512 MsGidget
489 ejackg22
483 BIA
482 RPStar
474 K-Dog
465 derrr
462 Big Al
454 Ajax
452 sally
447 erindee
444 bill
437 Cottonwoolfairy
435 theonleething
434 seaotter
433 gadgetqueen
430 audchu
429 Willie89
424 meggiemoo45
414 ansalon
412 drscottjennings
412 daisy
410 jackula
409 muddydiaperbaby
408 jmurdock
405 dilir
400 Keala
396 E4E
394 helmet
386 dspike
377 behrenska
370 cr nix
368 fussbudget
349 Nepoznati
335 o-fah13
333 strumpet
316 ciel
316 Fantasy
315 Tomas
301 dustyfleas
299 angie
298 Drglady
295 lalika
293 Sini
270 Patella
258 daymaster
258 annie
258 Rico Diablo
243 lion_newbie
242 athena
230 Liz
229 jenfozzy
220 Labrys04092
219 dimster
211 SFM
199 soulbreaking
188 artaxiel
181 Bobby
157 paulmcd76
154 CiCi
151 teach_98
136 Otter
131 fifi
125 kdl
123 mandybojangles
122 Leslie
118 linda
94 Helen
85 Aimee
50 madeline
46 Chrissy
42 jbullock
28 Corinne
22 academiannut
20 LK
19 bryanyoung
19 shrander
18 Caswell
10 Wes
10 mommyd
8 twistedkites


1:11 am

Huh and Aussie Goddess.....I know your little game ;) :p!!!! Such well matched scores all the time. How do you do it?? :))
1:20 am

Well the psycho babble going around is that they are joined at the hip but share one brain.
1:22 am

LOL Joycey I think you have hit the nail on the head there!!!!
3:05 am

tisk...tisk.... such bad LOOSERS!! ;) lol Morning sweeties :) Now run along to school, you may learn somthing. :) :p lmao Mwa Mwa!
3:07 am

Morning, huh. I lost to Vanya again, and couldn't get 2,000. How's your game today?
3:17 am

i'm beginning to think the word 'tern' is more common than the word 'the'...
3:21 am

A very good Morning to you Cj :) Actually just wondering whether to pass today REALLY should be painting *groan* Guess my Vaio Laptop would look cool in Brillient white lol
3:24 am

AND dont know how you managed your score Yesterday :o :O Great effort!! can we be friends ?? ;) lol
3:42 am

Woo I found an 8. Before anyone else even mentioned there was one. That's a first.
3:58 am

hmm, the best I can get is a 7 letter word so far.
3:59 am

I've only got up to a 7
3:59 am

80 words 4.86 1089

theres a few 8s there and a 9 that i've found so far
4:25 am

I found a nine letter word, but I still can't see any eight lettered ones. Hmph. More staring required, I guess...
4:37 am
Aussie Goddess

can see Sevens but no 8 yet :( *goes back to painting*
4:38 am

I just noticed that you can make 'peottre' in this puzzle. That amused me, given that quite a few of us followed a link here from Robin Hobb's message board. :)
4:54 am

*passes paint brush* You missed some :p lol
5:07 am
Aussie Goddess

Hello Huh ;) U vanna paint my portrait ? ;)
6:26 am

I hadn't seen Peottre. :) A few days ago I did notice Faramir in a puzzle and wondered how many other people it was annoying by being an almost-word.
8:43 am

your birds are back
10:35 am

I have to wait until tomorrow to see my score!? Patience is a virtue.
11:50 am

Don't worry, M&O. You won.
11:51 am

I just woke up. So many hours of not playing, wasted in sleep. What a shame. Well, I'm picking up from where I left off. Evidently, I'm short a few long words. Thanks for the insight, Vanya.

117 words 4.76 1448
1:03 pm

Things that annoy me:

"natto" not allowed. It's in my fridge, but not allowable on Babble?
1:22 pm

Why on earth do you have natto in your fridge? That might be the problem to begin with.
1:23 pm

I pickle veggies with it, Japanese style. Yummy!
1:49 pm

so far 7 -6's and 2 -7's at 53/4.6/608 i'll be back but i gotta do work now!
1:54 pm

Has anyone used the L?
1:58 pm

Yup cbullock...nice to have those birds back, but only the usual suspects, nothing too exotic yet.
2:41 pm

I wondered, when I saw someone post that they got here from Robin's message board, if it was Robin Hobb. Chalk me up as another reader, though if it's the EZboard you're talking about, I haven't posted there in ages. And under a different name.
2:49 pm

what's the highest point word anybody's found?
3:24 pm

66 for me, but others may have higher.
3:25 pm

so happy. got an 8.
3:25 pm

geez, mines only 39. where is everyone from? i guess it may make a difference of where you're from to see the different slang and more common words
3:26 pm

no, i think 66 is the biggie
3:31 pm

3:36 pm

who wants to give a clue and say the first letter of the 8 letter word?? pweaseeeeeee
3:37 pm

I'll bet it's not L!!!!
3:38 pm

haha that makes a little sense!
3:39 pm

there's more than one 8...heh.
3:41 pm

ahhh! thats crazy! my highest is 3 sevens
3:50 pm

i have 3 sevens too, and I'm well chuffed! I don't need an 8 to feel good about myself!!

3:52 pm

if it's any consolation, I may have an 8 but i have no 7s at all
3:54 pm

it is, cheers! :) how does this game get so addictive? look what it's done to me!! I've become obsessed with letter counts!! aaaargh
3:55 pm

I DO need an 8 to feel good about myself
4:09 pm

milkmaid, what does chuffed mean? lol an 8 would make me feel good too
4:11 pm

chuffed means pleased!! LOL! I'm from the north of England if that has any bearing on it!
4:12 pm

elphaba - tis indeed Robin Hobb. She posted this on her message board, and we all went and got addicted. Many of us are ezboarders too....what might we know you as?

*feels nosy*
4:12 pm

i'm from the lousy eastern United States i think it does make a little difference! heh
4:13 pm

I hope you didn't think I was being rude!!
4:16 pm

no of course not! im was being truthful about the US being lousy! lol! i think countries near yours use the "real" english. haha
4:21 pm

is it really that lousy? I'm not so sure about the quality of my english either, education didn't prepare me for babble!!!
4:25 pm

Hey milkmaid, I'm from the north of britain too.... is this game addictive or what???
4:26 pm

totally, I fear I have lost myself, but it's weaned me off rizlajongg though. Do you say chuffed?
4:30 pm

I say chuffed, and I'm british. Chuffed is such a cool word. :)
4:33 pm

im gonna try to bring chuffed to the US, well at least to my little groupy of friends!
4:34 pm

Hooray for chuffed!! I think ladylikebag should start spreading the word chuffed around the US! it's a great word
4:36 pm

Another northener here =D And chuffed is a great word =) Now if only I could be chuffed with my word count... *sigh*
4:40 pm

Oh yeah I say chuffed all the time... in fact I'm well chuffed at the mo 'cos I got the 9 letter word :))!!!
4:41 pm

Oi Laura...what you on?
4:41 pm

Never mind Laura Pet ~ Another Day another Play *wink* :) Can only see one 8 tonight :(
4:42 pm

Yeah wot you on Laura ?? Whiskey ;) lol
4:45 pm

Whisky? I wish! ;) And I'm on 51 words right now...just can't seem to see anything today... Maybe I should try playing after whisky instead ;)
4:46 pm

65 words 4.66 759
i feel stuck here
4:49 pm

Hey Laura...some days its like just cannnot see anything no matter how hard you look.
4:55 pm

ok, i've started to invent words now, time for bed methinks! good luck everyone!
4:58 pm

i like when u think ur inventing a word so u put it in and it happens to be a real word!!!!
5:02 pm

that happens loads, maybe I should keep going, this could be the optimum state of mind!
see how I have been sucked in?!?!!
5:04 pm

I am at that stage when I am saying must reach a certain number ....and that is fatal 'cos you just cannot give up then....only 6 off the 1000. I will get there if it takes me all bloody night!!!
5:06 pm

we're all lost, each and every one of us, our loved ones will blame babble for their pain
5:07 pm

Sucked in is right. I am in the same position with that rizlajongg now. AND IT'S YOUR FAULT, milkmaid.
5:08 pm

Keep going milkie!!!
5:09 pm

ah hah!!! how goood is it!!!!! I knew you'd be sucked in!!!!
5:09 pm

I can't believe I'm still here
5:11 pm

From now on I shall call you milkie. I love it!!
5:13 pm

Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! 1000. But now the addiction still forces me on....*i must get more*!!! LOL
5:13 pm

why thankyou, always nice to be given a new name, I am honoured!
5:14 pm

Dang it Sapphie.. What are you doing babbling when you should be blogging!!!
5:14 pm

sapphie nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! you're crossing a dangerous line!! imagine if there was no time limit
5:14 pm

umm, im cool. :-)
5:17 pm

yeah, but im cooler
5:18 pm

leanne, we must bring the word "chuffed" to the US! it means pleased
5:18 pm

no you arent. gimme a word :-)
5:19 pm

Hey Joyce...LOL you'll never gues what E said.... 'you should be blogging babe'.... well the phrase pot calling the kettle black springs to mind!!!
5:20 pm

1000?? I was about to give up on 491, but I have been inspired to carry on. I may be here all night.
5:25 pm

i am chuffed at what you did to me last night danielle
5:27 pm

5:27 pm

660 by the way fultonic :)
5:30 pm

catching up on 574. I hate this game.
5:31 pm

OK...gotta call it a night... 80 words 4.80 1030 ....sensible other half reminding me I have to work tomorrow.
Take care!!
5:33 pm

you too, can't believe that score!!! byee
5:36 pm

How ya doin' my little Tartletts!! I miss reading about your escapades. I guess you could just go ahead and blog here instead. LOL
5:37 pm

I am well chuffed with myself on 81 words and 1063 points. I am carefully ignoring the fact that i can't find any more no matter what i do, and am pretending that I am in fact stopping there because it's time for bed. Night all!
5:37 pm

i can take no more, farewell
6:09 pm

Don't jump, milkmaid.
6:11 pm

skittledog: i posted a few times on the EZboard as lirael, but only a few times. it amuses me to no end that it turned up on her board - and one i didn't know existed, even. [goes off to inspect]
7:01 pm

came back and found one of those durn 7s
7:26 pm

Two things:
I am really excited to see the word "chuffed" being used in a conversation I'm exposed to...
...and I sincerely believe "panter" should be a word.
8:18 pm

is there more than one Qu word?
8:33 pm

I don't think so, I've only made one word using the Qu.
8:49 pm

There are at least 149 words with 1928 pts in here ... but it's no use to participate, my last two winning entries got deleted by the staff :-(
9:05 pm

that totally rips, sorry to hear that.
i couldn't remember my log in password but when i started out as "lil" the person before mentioned how she cheated. so i thought it was okay to mention [that i hadn't cheated and said] i was amazed at the words i hadn't found...needless to say a few people tried to rip me a new one. it sucks being honest sometimes...
9:36 pm

I noticed that your scores were removed, Ysegrim. I was going to actually look at your list from yesterday and try to procure a couple new words from it, because a lot of these words seem to carry over from puzzle to puzzle. When I saw that your name was taken off, I thought they'd assumed you were cheating (however that works--I didn't think cheating was possible) and given you the boot. I'm still at 124 words and can't imagine what your parents did to you so that you've developed this rewarding vocabulary that would bless you with 25 words in addition to what I have. That's a damned fine accomplishment.
10:28 pm

You must realize that it is extremely questionable when two people get exactly the same score, with exactly the same words (I checked, each had 180 of the exact same words). Especially when that score is miles above everyone else. There's no point in playing the game if you're just going to cheat.
10:58 pm

cheat? How can you cheat? Besides, how would 'they' know if you did? Seems a little big brotherish to me.
11:02 pm

2-6'S, 1-7, NO 8'S OR 9'S
11:06 pm

Unfortunately there are websites that will solve puzzles like this. It would become quite obvious when you consistently find 98% of the words in the puzzle. Please don't cheat!!!
11:10 pm

I'm impressed with Calamity James, though, he/she definitely appears legit. Good job!
11:12 pm

hmmm, websites to cheat huh? well I guess you'll know I did if I jump from 180th place to first place in like 4 games (or however it is averaged).Here's a clue to my apptitude though, I have only like 25 words now and can't find any more, and have like less than an hour to go :(
11:13 pm

finally a "q" :-)
11:13 pm

Don't forget to make sure you check for possible suffix additions to all your words.
11:19 pm

*sigh. it's not the vocab that's the prob, it's seeing the words.
11:19 pm

As long as you're having fun with the game, April. You can do it. Yay!
11:19 pm

What is a suffix? (didn't go to high school) :)
11:22 pm

Thanks Successie, this is fun! I figure maybe now crosswords won't be so intimidating. The whole puzzle thing has always scared me, but really, it just builds the 'muscle' of the brain.
11:23 pm

basically they extend words at the end, and add a new meaning: i.e. "-ing" "-er" "-y" like in "talking" "teary" "greater"
prefixes are the same, but precede the word.
11:24 pm

Suffix: 1. A letter, letters, syllable, or syllables added or appended to the end of a word or a root to modify the meaning; a postfix.

2. (Math.) A subscript mark, number, or letter.
11:26 pm

Absolutely, April. Hooray for a thicker cortex. =)
11:27 pm

Yeah, I look for those but the words camouflage themselves so well. Still, what a thrill it is when I find one!
11:40 pm

Now I am curious why a word like yang goes through but a word like prana does not? both are eastern mystical words, commonly used now in the west.