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View Word List Friday, May 21, 2004


4639 GeneralVanya
4052 cbullock
3561 CalamityJames
3314 beluga
3218 Now_a_Pumpkin
3169 eeeee
3105 Hypo
3052 Justin
3040 burns1
3029 Delta
3019 svog
3019 PJKurkoski
2874 Hypothetico
2768 SpaceGhost
2758 sk00by
2676 eshadow
2661 Aussie Goddess
2648 RET
2628 skittledog
2600 gotz00
2587 Huh
2568 qu0s
2496 Mrkwako
2480 shortseer
2418 dspike
2414 sapphie
2370 lauren
2360 nutislander
2338 B.B.
2323 runningforhome
2321 ansalon
2302 L D
2280 discodave
2259 biped
2197 Christine
2121 Allusearna
2117 fultonic
2095 E4E
2080 Cottonwoolfairy
2056 Beeyotch
2035 4t8
2030 africajosh
2019 nat
2011 Yecats
2006 angsthase
2004 Steven
2004 setting_sun
1974 daymaster
1924 BonnyDawn
1903 erindee
1871 Alti
1862 tommyslax
1850 majenwen
1812 xena
1781 Labrys04092
1737 Mrs Often
1730 Jumpy Girl
1725 defenestrate99
1688 ladylikebag
1684 babs
1677 gleebs
1673 Prue
1659 ejackg22
1653 JoeDee
1605 M&O
1603 April
1589 Michelle
1563 drscottjennings
1562 Rodders
1549 Fantasy
1532 bebelua
1525 moocher
1482 BIA
1481 Dottie
1456 devvie
1435 Tina
1419 Foulke29
1413 daisy
1409 rhea
1407 pufferfish
1402 jbullock
1398 Funf
1394 diebsta
1365 fussbudget
1358 mommav
1351 elphaba
1349 fussmybacon
1342 Dagny
1257 hikat
1245 annie
1217 Tanny
1213 ctjoueur
1166 chris
1139 sally
1133 MasterStrider
1132 bacchae
1131 sam
1119 meggiemoo45
1110 petestein1
1110 pat7936
1109 metzgersf
1105 meh.007
1096 Luraison
1088 theonleething
1080 fifi
1062 eepingbunny
1057 Big Al
1039 lion_newbie
1032 fundercat
1031 athena
1018 bn
999 Natasha
998 sauril
964 helmet
945 milkmaid
917 Keala
904 amandon
896 K-Dog
867 Bella
860 Kaetchen
857 joyce
852 jen
849 seaotter
804 Mal
780 Riz
771 echensf
757 derrr
756 fancy
744 ame
723 ikss
714 liz
677 Jesic
668 flyingpig
666 Katsgrrl
638 Successie
636 CiCi
629 MsGidget
626 bubba
625 Egregious Jones
623 RickSoto
602 taxi
599 Ashy
592 dimster
589 floradivine
588 kmeigs
579 dustyfleas
558 cari
555 JDouble
542 o-fah13
542 ciel
541 Helen
536 kdl
524 Cliffius
519 Sini
516 madeline
505 teach_98
494 eddie
482 soulbreaking
469 SFM
462 fiery
461 Buster
437 annobear
417 Otter
367 jackula
361 Adi
353 freerangelettuce
351 linda
339 Sandra
323 Dimples
317 Willie89
316 vaughne
305 RalphMalph
265 Magican
260 strumpet
256 Badgero
247 bill
240 lrig
194 LPF
178 Jarvo
164 ryloc
164 Kylie
133 Morgan
105 robot
92 Kath
64 king_dude
50 teach
49 lizzysue
28 Tom
27 LK
24 roomette
21 Niglord
18 Bob
6 quiet riot
5 dilir


12:14 am

this is so much better then yesterday's quiz, the 6 letter words are just jumping out at me :)
12:15 am

Yeah it's definitely better, I've already stumbled onto an 8!
12:15 am

no 8's yet but 69 words
12:19 am

52 so far, and I guessed at this 8. Just threw two together.
12:19 am

eek, got a 7, not the 8 yet!
12:23 am

3 7's so far. lot of 6's.
12:28 am

That S is in a good place for plurals this time...
12:30 am

100 words. time to sleep.
12:36 am

ARGH, this is a good one but I'm gonna have go to for a while... have to do dishes... oh the domestic chores that get in the way of playing! I've got 99 words right now too! LOL
12:39 am

Wow. Guess this one makes up for the last two!
12:40 am

12:41 am

got an 8 for 55 points, not made of 2 4 letter words. goin to sleep with 109/4.57/1248; haven't even used a dictionary, yet! ;-)
(FYI, only used dictionary once to get 4 words in just 1 game)
12:43 am

ok, so now i'm ging to sleep 112/1549. have fun! :)
12:46 am

has anyone got any X words?
12:47 am

i havent
12:56 am

Oooh! Just found one w/ an x!
12:57 am

got an 8 for 45... no x words yet
1:01 am

Wow, what a beautiful word search. I wish I could have more time to study it, but I do need sleep. I have an x word and three 8-letter words. Of course, there's bound to be some 9'ers in here somewhere. And, of course, I won't find them (I never do).

Play hard, kiddies.
36 words 5.53 771
1:21 am

okay now I'm officially off for the day. I'm about "half stumped" at 117 words for 1854 points... lots of longer words in this puzzle! Good luck everyone and have a great weekend, it's Friday night here in the land of Aus
1:23 am

heh, friday night? its 2:22 friday morning US eastern time
1:23 am

What a lovely game, after the last two (beasts!). I restrict myself to 30 minutes, plus another search just before the close.... but today I found an X word, and wodrs jump out, faster than my little browser can handle.
1:31 am

At 144/4.65/1758, I really must be missing the long ones.... This darn thing will be the death of my dissertation!
1:31 am

"Demist" is so a word! I demist my car windscreen all the time!
1:33 am

4-7'S, LOTS OF 6'S, NO 8'S OR 9'S
1 "X" WORD FOR 30 PTS.
Good- night (Joey)
1:35 am

I really MUST go, but I found a second X-word....64 / 4.73 / 827.... I've had higher scores in my three weeks here, but this is the fastest game.... back in 21 hours
1:48 am

Hello everyone.
1:48 am

89 words 4.49 919
going to get some rest now, i'll be back later today with more! this puzzle is fantastic
2:23 am

130 words, now to sleep :)
2:35 am

more birds today.
2:49 am

Yay! I found an 'x' word by accident, I pushed 'x' instead of 's' and it turned out to be a word :)
2:54 am

can you get on the board? it won't let me.
2:55 am

now it does.
3:01 am

O dear, I can't even find any 8's. How daft am I? No...don't answer that.
3:03 am

don't worry biped, I can't either. we'll be daft together.
3:05 am

i havent found any 8's and no words with x, i dont know what daft is, but i guess i can be it to
3:07 am

i haven't found any x's. damn Allu! keep this up and I won't let you give me any more timtams!
3:15 am

I just found one. how could I have missed it?
3:23 am

how many letters and points is the x word worth?
3:30 am

the one I got is 5 and 28
3:34 am

now i see what u mean by how could i have missed it
3:35 am

they're all obvious once you find them.
3:36 am

very true
3:55 am

120 words 4.67 1520
i really need to sleep now. i'll probably be dreaming this game =/
4:46 am

might be my first time over 2000, but only 1 x word. goin back to sleep with 156/4.74/2066
5:05 am

I found 135 words and not a single 8 or 9. Why are they hiding from me?
5:40 am

Hah, yet another lotr character, but this time it's a word too...bonus. :)
6:01 am

Damn. 2 8's disallowed. I always hated gardening and now I know why.
6:29 am

OK, so I have one 8, but I'm still bitter. Someone's going to get 2000 easy this time.
6:47 am

3 8's and a 9.
7:05 am

129 words
one 8, one 9
good night
*hands round tim tams*
7:14 am

Wow wow wow. GO LOTR!
7:15 am

YAY! I broke 2000 for the first time!
8:32 am

three X words
8:39 am

200 words 4.93 3016

I am amazed.
8:44 am

Hah. The Red Dwarf character is also a word. I am liking this puzzle.
8:44 am

I broke 1000 without using any four-letter words!

8:45 am

Nice job with the 3000, Burns!
8:46 am

Goodness, how have you managed not to enter any of the 4s? There are simply so many of them...
8:48 am

I had a run of sixes right off the bat and then I just decided to see how far I could go!
8:54 am

just to annoy myo, if she's here....130/4.81/1880

Getting there!
8:59 am

130! How long have you been here?!
9:00 am

:) Not that long. There's a lot of very nice words in there. 139/4.76/1935 - gah, i am so close to 2000....
9:05 am

Yes skits ...i'm annoyed - you are too quick .. i know you are going to beat me.
148 words 4.77 1971
If only i could get to 2000
ps i was pleased about the red dwarf one too
9:06 am

Hurray, I got you to speak!

And hah. 144/4.76/1991

Although I still only have one 8.
9:09 am

Wooooooooooooo! Over 2000! First time for everything. :)
9:13 am

If i tell you i have 2 8's it'll just make you determined to find them ... plus a couple more i suppose.
What in the world is the the 3rd word with an x in it???
9:25 am

I've got two 8s now. And am up to 2106 thanks to one of them and its associated 7. However I still only have one x word.
9:30 am

Ah well
154 words 4.80 2125
I'll enjoy this fleeting moment of victory over you, and retire from the lists.
9:57 am

Broke 1500 with no fours! (Still haven't found that nine, though.)

10:00 am

Woo, another x word. 2162. I also haven't found the 9...I'm currently pretending it doesn't exist so as not to annoy myself by not having it. Does that make any sense?
10:04 am

X words I have none. Is it cheating to ask where in the word the X is?
10:07 am

One of them is very straightforward once you see it. The other one I have was because it was one of those which sounded like a word. :) In both of my words it's at the end.
10:13 am

Hi all. My first time here. Anywhere to see a running count of how many words/points other players have?
10:17 am

Nope, but you can see yesterday's results by clicking on "View Yesterday's Puzzle".
10:19 am

Some will periodically tell you their score.
Also, never give out both the point value and the number of letters of a word you've found--it makes it too easy to find. That's a pet peeve of mine.
10:23 am
Mrs Often

My first go too. I feel very very stupid. I'm no good at this at all.
10:25 am

This is a good puzzle to start on though, there are lots of words. Give your brain a chance to get acclimated doing this type of puzzle.
10:28 am
Mrs Often

Haha, that makes me even more stupid! I have 61 words, most of them only 4 letters, and I've been playing for 3 hours :/ Deary, that is bad.
10:29 am

Take a break! I don't ever play the puzzle all at once or my brain starts melting. Go do something else for awhile and then come back to it.
10:36 am

I've only got 59 words, 729 points, only one 8-letter word, and none of the x-words. :(
But on the plus side, I was tenth in score yesterday...
10:41 am

Hypothetico - first we communicate via Friendster, then LinkedIn, then Orkut... now Babble?!? Get back to work. ;)
10:55 am

Awake again. I've never seen 3,000 points before. That's an incredible feat. You all have this knack for sprouting while I sleep. Congrats to you all.

But now I'm back. {Impending doom}
167 words 4.90 2385
11:08 am

Well, I stand corrected. Now I've seen 3,000 twice. And it only took 32 more words. What an incredible feeling.
199 words 4.89 3058
11:10 am
Mrs Often

Puh. I have about a third of that. It is not fair!
11:11 am

Well, I'm pleased with my current 103/4.77/1447, so I'm going to take a break and have a shower.
11:15 am

Tasmin: It's all right. Tell yourself that it is all right, because it is. When you get burned up about how many points you don't have, words on the board become that much more evasive. The first thing to let go of is that sense of "Gotta keep up". I had that mindset on my first day, and I got my butt beat hard.

The best idea to help you move along in this game: Look for prefixes, suffixes and root sounds (rhymes)! They're all over the place on this board.
Common suffixes:

Try working with ideas like that; see what you can stack onto a suffix, instead of just groping for words. It's a really helpful strategy.
11:17 am
Mrs Often

Yika it is! Thanks James! :)
11:18 am

I'm going to strive for 250 words, just to see if 4,000 is even a possibility.
Care to join, Burns? Plenty of hours left in the day. I'll be resuming later tonight, though. Get a solid headstart.

All of you, get a solid headstart. I want you to strive for another 30 words. Read the words you have, type them in backward, add suffixes, add prefixes, change letters, do what you can. But this game is too good an opportunity for vocab building to pass by.

All of us can meet new goals today.
11:21 am

Ahhh, this is the nicest board I've seen yet. I managed to crack 2000 for the first time, which has me grinning. Currently sitting on 162 words, and driving myself up the wall searching for this elusive nine-letter word (if it even exists).
11:26 am

Tasmin: You're very welcome. But don't stop there, though. Make a list on an index card or a piece of paper. A personalized list of all the suffixes and prefixes you can think of. Add all the suffixes that you have on the words you've found already, and the ones I listed, too (don't forget -ate). Widely usable prefixes include re-, de-, mis-, un-, and -en.

qu0s: It'll come. Doubtless you'll find it before I do.

13 more words to go!
237 words 4.89 3409
11:27 am

I've found 2 words that *use* the X, but when people say they found an "X" word, they don't mean words that *start* with the X, do they?!?
11:31 am

petestein1 - I have two words using the x, and neither of them start with it. I don't think there is a word that starts with x in this board, although someone here will probably make a liar out of me. ;)
11:33 am

Thanks god. I also have 2 words that start with X, a 5 letter and a 6 letter. I bet there's more though!
11:34 am

Q i was about to have a go at you for saying this is the nicest board! Doh!
11:41 am

wow i just found a 9 letter word. it really exists. i've only got one X word though
11:45 am

Pete-If I end up on the streets because you have given me this are going to become my Daddy. No x words yet for me but I'm working on it
11:46 am

Bloody x-words! I feel like I've tried every possible combination and I still can't get one...
11:52 am

Ernie! Man, good to see you here. Now it's you, JK, me, at least one of Paul and Jen, and several of JK's family members. I'm singlehandedly bringing the west coast economy to its knees. (of course, that all of these people are doubling to tripling my score hurts, but I can take it.)
12:06 pm

So let me get this straight...there are 2 words that use the x, and 2 that start with it??? Over 1500 but still no 8's or that bloody 9!!!
12:07 pm
Mrs Often

No, there are three words that use X, two of which do not start with it. I don't know about the third...
12:08 pm

a clue to ne1 who hasn' got an x word: it's almost a 1509.
12:10 pm

An x word is almost a 1509?
I still only have one, the one that DJ's do.
12:12 pm

I'd like to think that Grand *Prix* would suffice, but no.
12:12 pm

1509's another one.
12:14 pm

james, the one you've got is 1009 again.
12:14 pm

Cheers CJ for the DJ clue LOL
12:22 pm

No problem, sapphie. If I ever get any nines, I'll offer a clue, but it'll be a tough clue, for sure.
12:22 pm

I'm lost on the whole 1009 1509 thing. Is it code?
12:25 pm

Oy. Eight more words to go!
242 words 4.88 3460
12:29 pm

when in rome, do as the...
12:31 pm

Nice clue beluga. Now, if only I could work out what I'm missing...
12:33 pm

beluga, your clues are beyond me. That's probably for the better. I don't deserve'em.
12:34 pm
Mrs Often

Is it a history lesson?
12:35 pm

Shouldn't another name for a record's B-side be an acceptable 8 letter word in a caring, sharing world?
12:35 pm

I say Do as the Romans do. Yahoo! says Do as the Romans do, Do as the lunatics do, and Do as the Vandals do.

I still don't get it. ::laughs::
12:36 pm

i certainly don't think you need ne clues from me! i'm still struggling at 204/4.81/2810. but i'm gonna git that 9! regardless, agree with u, dis game is da bomb! :)
12:36 pm

Dave, you're right, it should be. I thought the same. But I guess that it may be two words.
12:37 pm

Okay, this is getting mighty friendly around here! Ernie, Peter, Paul, Susan, PJK. Geez louise! I'm not likely to end up on the streets, but I may take an extra year or two to finish my PhD if I don't figure out how to block my own computer from this URL. Uh, anyone want to grade this stack of final exams for me?
12:37 pm
CalamityJames says it's two words, informal.
12:37 pm

12:38 pm

I'm going to complain to the management. Even though I suck.
12:38 pm

Oh, and I only have one word w/ an X. Must ... find... one ... more....
12:42 pm

Whee! you may have 3 times my score but I found one more X word? I'll be able to rest easly tonight. ;) (Ok, I admit I found both X words by trying random likely words -- I've never heard of either of them.)
12:42 pm

And they may have been "Dancing In The Moonlight", but the shaggy haired brats aren't being accepted for 9
12:42 pm

Gotcha beluga...was away having my tea and came back refreshed....but still one starting with x....hmmm...I thought 'prix' should be there too!!! ;)
12:45 pm

I got two with an X, see you soon, sis!
12:45 pm

Scratch that - it's not that I'm seeing things, just that I'm forgetting the actual name of the band.
I'll get my coat...
12:47 pm

Did you think they were called 'toplifter' by any chance??
12:49 pm

Oh! I get it! Haha!

But I still haven't found the word.
12:49 pm

In my defence, who would WANT to remember them?
12:51 pm

Bloody hell! Three more to go. It's so tense!
247 words 4.88 3519
Two x words and a nine-letter word would be proof that there are 250. And they'd be a nice buffer to the points I have in the attempt to score 4,000, which is now seeming fairly unlikely.
12:52 pm

james, it's *almost* "a 1509", more like a 50010009 actually.
12:57 pm

yes, i think flipside should be a word, ditto prix. on the other hand, it let me add an s to a word that's already a plural, ending in an a, while the singular ends in um, but what the hey.
1:00 pm

Setting goals has never been so rewarding. Well, yeah, it has. But this is cool.
251 words 4.88 3561

I still have no 9-letter. And only one X. Sorry, beluga. It's hopeless.
1:04 pm

james, amazing score! and thanks for being a good sport, putting up with my silly riddles.
1:09 pm

No problem at all, beluga. I really like this place; you guys make a great atmosphere for a fun game. You remind me how truly blessed I am that Robin Hobb has had her way with me. =)
1:10 pm

hail caesar, i found a second x word.
1:12 pm

and why is repatriate a word, but not patriate?
1:18 pm

Beluga, I'm going to kick myself when I see 1509, aren't I?
Sod it - 161, 4.84, 2280 and I quit.
1:21 pm

Mwah hah hah. Random typing comes through again - three words with 'x' now. Still no nine-letter word though. And I'd like to take this opportunity to whinge that the puzzle contains a word with weird American spelling. I wonder if it would have accepted the UK equivalent?
1:24 pm
Mrs Often

Three X words? Does that mean there are four, including the non-random DJ one??
1:29 pm

hope you get the 9 dave, that'll teach me to concoct tricky clues instead of looking for words.
1:30 pm

Anyone here from Glasgow? If only neds was a word!!!
1:32 pm

Tasmin, one of the x words I have is the DJ one. So as far as I know (with two hours of random word searches) there are three. Anyone have more?
1:43 pm

Yep, there is a nine in there! The stats:

57(!) sixes
20 sevens
5 eights
1 nine

Good luck!
1:45 pm

... oh, and three x as far as I can see. :)
1:55 pm
Mrs Often

I want new spelling. Fisix. I like that word.
1:56 pm

Good grief, Magician! I just got the incredible (for me) 2000 without entering one 4-letter word and then you post this!

Of my 94 words, 9 of them are 7s, 3 are 8s, and I have no 9!
1:57 pm

Hmm, the "friend" who told me about this site did caution me not to try it, and I can see why... that's a couple of hours I'll never get back...
1:58 pm

... but I love the cooperative spirit here!
3:33 pm

131 words and still no xs! Everywhere I look I see mix and six...
3:34 pm

i'm sure i'm missing a quantity of 4's, but i'd really prefer to roll that 4.99 to 5.00 :)
3:34 pm

One of those just needs to be done twice.
3:36 pm
Mrs Often

Mix and six are useful though...
3:39 pm

Oh my god, I can't believe I missed that one the whole time! It's so obvious now!
3:40 pm
Mrs Often

3:40 pm

Still missing the whole six and mix thing. Dang. Can't seem to get it!
3:43 pm
Mrs Often

Split them up
3:51 pm

Over 2200, but only the one's pitiful really. :( ;)
4:00 pm

Ah....8 number two!! Feel a tad happier now....but want that 9
4:10 pm

finally, I found an 8. I can rest happily now...
4:21 pm

well, plodded my way to 3000 land at 220/4.80/3004 but no -six word or 9 letter word & only three 8 words. ho hum
4:39 pm

missing three 8's, which would probably complete 4k
4:47 pm

Well, I gave in and started adding fours. I'm calling it a day at 171/4.90/2496
4:51 pm

How do you know how many 8s there are?
4:57 pm

because he is a geinus
4:57 pm

something like that
5:03 pm

because someone else posted earlier that there were five

... and only 2 short now
5:05 pm

ive got four 8s
5:05 pm

Finally broke 2000. Still just the one 8-letter and one x-word though...
5:16 pm

how you doing cbullock
5:19 pm

good. only 66 pts shy of 4k now :)
5:27 pm

just one more point :)
5:29 pm

got it.
6:51 pm

Wheeeeeeee!!! 200!! Now I can get on with my life. ;)
7:02 pm

interrupting self-torture at 229/4.80/3103 to go home.
7:03 pm

midas is not just a fabled king with a lot of gold and bad luck -- oh no! -- according to our very dictionary, midas is also a programming language, and I stress -- with a small "m."
7:15 pm

How could I possibly be missing 30 sixes??
7:29 pm

Milkmaid, I know what you mean about neds! It really annoyed me that it wouldn't take it...only yesterday I ofund the definition of ned in the OED...:)

And so here I am again. It's 1.30am. Why aren't I in bed? Addiction, pure and simple...
7:38 pm

now, I know tader is a word, because I just had one last night with sour cream and chives!
7:52 pm

Oh ok, that's enough for one day. Only 2 x words and no 9, but giving up and going to bed on 184/4.84/2628
8:24 pm

I think you mean 'tater', April. ;)
8:30 pm

I know what I mean and from where I come from, they r called taders, aint you had none of those?
8:31 pm

"Tater" wouldn't work anyway-- I tried it the other day
9:07 pm

Legal practice pays off - I know the 9!! Closing in on 200 and 3K. I don't care about the rest of you, I just need to beat hypothetico (old, old, old rivalry).
9:12 pm

Yay, I finally got an 8! I knew I'd do better at this if I got some sleep.
9:40 pm

goofiest non-word

Simudate - when you're really, really desparate . . .
9:57 pm

132 words 4.70 1688 i really dont feel like playing anymore theres so many words that i see but just feel so drained out from playing this game all the time
9:59 pm

I'm giving up...
Still just the one 8, and the one x-word.
10:43 pm

208/4.88/3003 Time to put Katya to bed.
10:45 pm

What a puzzle - I am at 2171 and just barely keeping up with my usual place in the pack.
11:27 pm

Oh man! Okay, PJK. You put my niece to bed -- I've got half an hour to find seven more words and 240 more points. Old, old, old rivalry indeed. ;-)
11:39 pm

Wouldn't take my "splif"! Hmm.. wonder if I woulda spelled it with 2 Fs?
Oh well.. probably programed to just say NO.
11:47 pm

legalize the herb. :)
12:03 am

Lots of 6's. 6-7's, 1-8, 2-X words
My best score so far.
Congrats to all the super high scores. Good-night (joey)