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View Word List Wednesday, July 14, 2004


2331 widstje
2331 cutejesse
2194 Glitter4Mom
2147 claws
1845 Stevo
1820 nutkin
1807 Goose
1787 Justin
1698 jlm_mi
1691 danielse
1676 eshadow
1671 cbullock
1650 krysia
1630 Kukana
1617 Cissi
1586 Now_a_Pumpkin
1563 Suzanah
1548 bigbirdboss
1528 Stin
1518 barmy
1510 true_felicity
1507 cunninghampa
1484 fnurt
1461 Milly
1449 mellowmasher
1446 Riff
1420 soho72
1393 angsthase
1386 skovran
1357 nutislander
1353 setting_sun
1342 ElizabethS
1329 Whisper
1315 Mal
1285 onyx
1246 retropink
1229 Judi
1227 Law18
1204 zacharij
1202 xela
1190 4t8
1182 Karin
1178 granadan
1173 Daisy
1163 Michelle
1159 Boo
1149 Jenn
1129 JKMAZ2003
1112 discodave
1077 Atalante
1064 Bela
1057 Wendrie
1054 nat
1051 ladyles2763
1049 Christine
1046 Achates
1028 sarah
1027 BIA
1026 periwinkle
1021 GeneralVanya
1008 agogo
1008 sally
1006 Goat
1002 threeforks
964 seluine
962 sapphie
955 Maudie
942 Q
935 marigold
927 runningforhome
914 Damiana
914 ejackg22
907 rightmoon
903 Beeyotch
896 stevedallas
895 Annette
879 Jodoy
869 ladybug
862 defenestrate99
859 ame
856 Treble99
846 Pleonastic 1
841 canadianokie
834 Krista
831 jmbdobie
822 baby#3
820 LAA1434
807 hitthosekeys
805 Melba
792 eyezzz
780 a1axelady
760 sspiecher
758 majenwen
756 jennyb
732 elphaba
730 Tanny
723 zebobes
688 maraca
687 kcenya
681 shansun
679 erindee
674 ryan
667 harlequn
659 K-Dog
659 Neliamne
656 elara6
642 carrie
634 Maggith
615 Lains
614 pizzafreak
613 ArielleX
612 amp
598 pmo260
595 jayferg
587 samalsfors
581 Jenner
578 atljenn
577 LBD
569 cz
568 myringe
566 minette
565 Swtbtrcup
559 Natasha
557 pufferfish
556 abigail
556 Tukey
555 newby
552 dspike
550 boatierra
547 ShanV
544 banny
544 vaughne
532 mykatyboo
531 undermom
531 dandydon55
531 seaotter
528 allstar
520 mightynancy
516 fancy
514 helmet
513 KarenA14
511 MPSpiker
508 SooGuy
506 bebelua
497 subseti
495 twinangel
466 caranne
461 Palavra
456 maudlin
454 schnee
446 Tolinya
445 becca_boo
440 aimless
435 Rico Diablo
434 tinyg0dzilla
431 liz
425 illusion
418 JOG
418 trixiew
414 punkmama
413 Cindy
408 kro
408 Indymom
406 Nitsur
398 eddie
396 yiddishkopf
392 Shimmer
385 Minski
383 ecb
383 blubber
375 JudyM
374 rathsog
372 Ciel
365 ABittel
360 babblingbrook
360 sar
356 rwmp
351 jenyi
351 selozai
346 Karriep
344 jenleigh22801
343 meggiemoo45
334 romied29
321 Justme
319 keadyj
310 Jennie
307 pat
295 Hargitt
286 KristineP
281 tabyorky
281 Trena
279 Larry
269 sarussell
267 boomrz2
266 Sloopy
266 Dottie
263 berekah
261 linda
249 jdubya
246 Corinne
246 wadjet25
232 dnlowrance
230 Peacescrab
227 saila
226 floradivine
220 jen
220 Angela
212 twins
200 suprina73
189 Shona
174 Guy
173 Marmy
169 Kat
166 Essentia
162 sauril
162 rosielaw
159 SillyPutty
154 sreischman
154 benvoelker
146 George
138 Tbog
138 lisay
137 court
137 cskwilliams
135 spappy
116 dustyfleas
111 Stephanie2377
110 fifi
106 CalicoBean
99 BooMom
95 chrissy47
93 soulbreaking
91 Linda72
87 Beltane
72 madeline
69 kmarquez
63 jencal
60 jpb769
49 susan1974
43 Eve
42 RKL2
42 sonia
37 MrsMom
32 taxi
26 The Divine Miss
22 gbm
13 joyce
7 cle
7 Fingercrossed
5 bree
4 babbled
4 Cheater


12:17 am

Incisors is almost there...
12:26 am

got an 8/60 and 2 7's/44
1:27 am

7 x 7 2 x 8 88/1167 will come back later
2:15 am

93/1317 so close but cant see anymore
4:15 am

im not playing today cos my scores have been much better than they used to be and im not moving up the ranking.
5:22 am

aaagh bEST I CAN FIND IS A 7 FOR 36. :-((
6:56 am

I've given up on the ranking...i play to have fun, and even if i only have time to do a little bit of the grid then i will. So if my ranking stinks and i finish right down on word count/points I don't care. I know how well I can do if I have the time....but i don't :(
7:05 am

i'll second sapphie
... i dont even check my score anymore :)
7:22 am

I've got Widnes. Now if someone can find St Helens, we've got a game on.
7:25 am

LOL danielse....but i think our US chums might not find that as amusing!!!
7:50 am

do you guys always know what all the words actually mean?
8:24 am

Im with Sapphie also this is a game to be enjoyed why try to outdo others. So Enjoy!
8:39 am

Yeah, me too - I like the challenge of knowing there are longish words and finding them, and I like getting to 100 words (which I just did on this one). It's also interesting finding out new words and what they mean!
8:41 am

I have two 8s and ten 7s... are there more?
8:54 am

I received a reply two days ago about the rankings. Dr. God says he has tried many fixes, but none of them have worked. :(
8:57 am

banny - not always, but you can click the little ? next to them for a definition (if has one). Sometimes it doesn't show up at, but there are more words I've found at It's a good vocab builder!
9:08 am

Thanx =)
9:12 am

Man, I'm not having trouble seeing the little words today, but I can only find 4 7s and 1 8. I'm at 90/4.61/1053 so not far behind mellowmasher in word count, but way behind in points. Off to search for big words! :D
9:31 am

At last 100 / 1415
9:46 am

Anyone with lots of big words want to share how many points they're for?

I've got 6 7s for: 36,36,36,36,44,44 and the 8 for 60.

Knowing the point values for the other 7s and 8 would help in deciding where to start the search.
9:51 am

Hi I have an 8 for 60 and one for 70.... one 7 for 28 four for 36 three for 44 and one for 52 Hope that helps Im missing another 7 also
9:54 am

9:58 am

I think I have the same 8s, 60 and 70 points respectively. My 7s are: two for 28, four for 36, two for 44 and one for 52.

100 / 4.90 / 1523
10:02 am

sorry that should have been three 7s for 44
10:17 am

I am so not spotting the long ones today...they were popping out at me yesterday!!! LOL
10:29 am

grrr....I must be the queen of the four letter words. And yes, I am a female Larry.
10:40 am

Are there any math majors in the group today? You'll enjoy a few words in today's puzzle then...
10:41 am

I think I'm done although I seem to be missing a 7.
113 / 4.87 / 1647
10:54 am

thanks for the math clue!
10:56 am

hey I got 3 of the dwarfs from The Hobbit (ok two are only 3 letters long ...but hey :)) )
11:07 am

Not that Clueless ;) Hmmm looking at the results of late it would seem SOME are just working there way through a list with a marker pen alas :( :( YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! kindda spoils it for me But hey lets even things for those who want to AND have way to much time on there hands ;)

4-letter words
beds, been, beep, beer, bees, beet, begs, bend, bene, bens, bent, berg, best, bets, bice, bide, bids, bier, bind, bine, bins, bint, bios, bird, birr, bise, bite, bits, bitt, bode, bods, bogs, bond, bone, bong, bops, bore, born, bort, boss, bots, bott, bows, bred, bree, bren, brew, brie, brig, brin, brio, bris, brit, brow, cede, cedi, cees, cent, cepe, ceps, cere, cero, cess, cete, cine, cion, cire, cist, cite, cobs, code, cods, coed, cogs, coin, coir, cone, coni, conn, cons, cope, cops, cord, core, corn, coss, cost, cote, cots, cows, crew, crib, cris, crop, crow, debs, debt, deco, deep, deer, dees, deet, dene, dens, dent, dere, dews, dibs, dice, dies, diet, digs, dine, ding, dins, dint, dips, dipt, dire, dirt, disc, dite, dits, docs, doer, does, doge, dogs, doit, done, dong, dons, dope, dore, dorp, dorr, dors, dose, doss, dost, dote, dots, down, dows, dree, dreg, drew, drib, drip, drop, ebon, edge, edit, eger, egis, egos, eide, ends, engs, enow, eons, epee, epic, epos, ergo, ergs, erne, erns, eros, errs, erst, eses, etic, ewer, ewes, geds, geed, gees, gene, gens, gent, gest, gets, gibe, gibs, gids, gied, gien, gies, gins, gips, gird, girn, giro, girt, gist, gobs, gods, goer, goes, gone, gore, gorp, gowd, gown, gree, grew, grid, grin, grip, grit, grot, grow, ibis, iced, ices, icon, ides, inns, inro, inti, into, ions, ired, ires, irid, iris, iron, iwis, nebs, need, neep, nene, neon, nerd, ness, nest, nets, nett, news, newt, nibs, nice, nide, nidi, nine, nips, nisi, nits, nobs, node, nodi, nods, noes, nogs, none, nope, nose, note, nows, nowt, obes, obis, obit, odes, odic, ogee, ogre, once, ones, oped, open, opes, opts, orbs, orcs, ores, orts, oses, otic, owed, owes, owns, owse, pecs, peds, peen, peep, peer, pees, pegs, pein, pend, pens, pent, peon, pepo, peps, peri, pert, peso, pest, pets, pews, pice, pics, pied, pier, pies, pigs, pine, ping, pins, pint, pion, pipe, pips, pirn, pits, pods, poet, pois, pond, pone, pong, pons, pope, pops, pore, porn, port, pose, post, pots, pows, pree, prep, prig, prod, prog, prop, pros, prow, psis, psst, rebs, recs, rede, redo, reds, reed, rees, regs, rein, reis, rend, rent, repo, repp, reps, rest, rete, rets, ribs, rice, ride, rids, rigs, rind, ring, rins, riot, ripe, rips, rise, rite, robe, robs, rocs, rode, rods, roes, rope, rose, rote, rots, rows, scop, scot, scow, secs, sect, seed, seen, seep, seer, sees, sego, segs, seis, send, sene, sent, sept, sere, sers, sets, sett, sewn, sews, sibs, sice, sics, side, sign, sine, sing, sins, sipe, sips, sire, sirs, site, sits, sned, snib, snip, snit, snob, snog, snot, snow, sobs, sods, sone, song, sons, sops, sorb, sord, sore, sori, sorn, sort, sots, sown, sows, spec, sped, spew, spin, spit, spot, sris, step, stet, stew, stir, stob, stop, stow, swig, swob, swop, swot, teds, teed, teen, tees, tegs, tend, tens, tent, tern, test, tets, tews, tics, tide, tied, tier, ties, tine, ting, tins, tint, tipi, tips, tire, tiro, titi, tits, tods, toed, toes, togs, toit, tone, tong, tons, tope, topi, tops, torc, tore, tori, torn, torr, tors, tort, toss, tost, tote, tots, town, tows, tree, tret, trig, trio, trip, trod, trop, trot, trow, twee, twig, twin, twit, twos, webs, weds, weed, ween, weep, weer, wees, weet, weir, wend, wens, went, wept, were, wert, west, wets, wide, wigs, wind, wine, wing, wino, wins, wipe, wire, wise, wisp, wiss, wist, wite, wits, woes, wons, wont, word, wore, worn, wort, wost, wots, wren, writ

5-letter words
bedew, beeps, beers, beets, beget, begin, begot, beige, being, bends, benes, benne, benni, bents, beret, bergs, beset, besot, bests, beton, bewig, bices, bider, bides, bidet, biers, bigot, bindi, binds, bines, binge, bingo, binit, bints, biont, biped, bipod, birds, birrs, birse, bises, bison, biter, bites, bitts, bodes, bogie, boing, boite, bonds, boned, boner, bones, bongs, bonne, bored, borer, bores, boric, borne, borts, botts, bowed, bower, bowse, brede, breed, brees, brens, brent, brews, bride, brier, bries, brigs, brine, bring, brins, brios, brits, britt, bronc, brose, brown, brows, cebid, ceder, cedes, cedis, cense, cento, cents, cepes, cered, ceres, ceros, cesti, cetes, cider, cines, cions, cires, cirri, cists, cited, citer, cites, coden, coder, codes, coeds, coign, coins, coirs, coned, cones, conge, conin, conns, conte, coped, copen, coper, copes, copse, cords, cored, corer, cores, corgi, corns, corps, corse, coses, coset, cosie, costs, coted, cotes, cowed, cower, credo, creed, creep, crepe, crept, cress, crest, crews, cribs, cried, crier, cries, cripe, crisp, crone, crops, crore, cross, crowd, crown, crows, debit, debts, decor, decos, deeps, deers, deets, deice, deign, deist, denes, dense, dents, depot, deter, dicer, dices, dicot, diene, diets, digit, diner, dines, dinge, dingo, dings, dints, dipso, direr, dirge, dirts, disci, disco, discs, dites, ditto, dobie, doers, doest, doges, dogie, doing, doits, donee, dongs, donne, doper, dopes, dorps, dorrs, doser, doses, doter, dotes, dower, dowie, downs, dowse, drees, dregs, dress, drest, dribs, drier, dries, drips, dript, droit, drone, drops, dropt, dross, drown, dwine, ebons, edger, edges, edict, edits, eerie, egers, egest, egret, eider, eidos, ender, endow, enows, enter, eosin, epees, epics, epode, erect, ergot, ernes, erode, erose, erred, erses, escot, esses, ester, estop, etwee, ewers, geese, geest, genes, genet, genic, genie, genii, genip, genre, genro, gents, geode, geoid, gesso, geste, gests, gibed, giber, gibes, gipon, girds, girns, giron, giros, girts, gists, goers, goner, gored, gores, gorps, gorse, gowds, gowns, grebe, greed, green, grees, greet, gride, grids, grind, grins, griot, gripe, grips, gript, grist, grits, groin, grope, gross, grots, grown, grows, icier, icing, icons, idiot, incog, indie, indow, indri, inept, inert, ingot, inion, inned, inner, inset, inter, intis, intro, iodic, iodin, ionic, irids, iring, irone, irons, issei, needs, neeps, neist, neons, nerds, nerts, nests, netop, netts, newer, newie, newts, ngwee, nicer, nides, niece, nines, ninon, nisei, niter, nitid, niton, nitre, nitro, nodes, noise, nonce, nones, nonet, nosed, noses, noted, noter, notes, nowts, obese, obits, octet, odist, ogees, ogres, onset, ontic, opens, opine, oping, opsin, opted, optic, orbed, orbit, orcin, order, orgic, oribi, ornis, orpin, orris, osier, otter, owing, owned, owner, owsen, pedes, pedro, peens, peeps, peers, peins, peise, pence, pends, penes, pengo, penis, penni, peons, pepos, peris, perse, pesos, pesto, pests, peter, petit, petti, petto, pewee, pewit, picot, piece, piers, piing, pined, pines, pingo, pings, pinon, pinot, pinto, pints, pions, piped, piper, pipes, pipet, pipit, pirns, pirog, pisco, piste, piton, poets, poind, point, poise, ponce, ponds, pones, pongs, popes, pored, pores, porns, ports, posed, poser, poses, posit, posse, posts, power, preed, preen, prees, preps, prese, press, prest, price, pride, pried, prier, pries, prigs, print, prior, prise, priss, probe, prods, progs, prone, prong, props, prose, pross, prost, prows, rebec, rebid, rebop, recon, recti, recto, redes, redip, redon, redos, reeds, reest, reges, reign, reins, rends, renew, renig, renin, rente, rents, repeg, repin, repos, repot, repps, repro, resee, reset, resew, resid, resin, resod, resow, rests, retie, retro, rewed, rewet, rewin, rewon, ribes, riced, ricer, rices, ricin, rider, rides, ridge, rigid, rigor, rinds, rings, rinse, riots, riped, ripen, riper, ripes, risen, riser, rises, rites, robed, robes, robin, roger, roped, roper, ropes, rosed, roses, roset, rosin, rotes, rotte, rowed, rowen, rower, scend, scene, scent, scion, scone, scope, scops, score, scorn, scots, scows, scree, screw, scrip, scrod, sects, seder, sedge, seeds, seeps, seers, segni, segno, segos, seine, seise, sends, sengi, senor, sense, senti, sepic, septs, sered, serer, seres, serge, serin, serow, seton, setts, sewed, sewer, sices, sides, siege, signs, since, sines, sinew, singe, sings, siped, sipes, sired, siree, siren, sires, sises, sited, sites, sneds, sneer, snibs, snide, snipe, snips, snits, snobs, snogs, snore, snort, snots, snows, sober, sodic, sonde, sones, songs, sonic, sorbs, sords, sorer, sores, sorns, sorts, sowed, sower, specs, speed, speer, speir, spend, spent, spews, spice, spied, spier, spies, spine, spins, spire, spirt, spite, spits, spode, spore, sport, spots, spree, sprig, sprit, steed, steep, steer, stein, steno, steps, stere, stern, stets, stews, stied, sties, sting, stint, stipe, stirp, stirs, stobs, stoic, stone, stope, stops, stopt, store, stoss, stowp, stows, strep, strew, strid, strip, strop, strow, swede, sweep, sweer, sweet, swept, swigs, swine, swing, swipe, swiss, swobs, swops, sword, swore, sworn, swots, teens, teiid, teind, tends, tenet, tenon, tenor, tense, tents, tepee, tepid, terce, terne, terns, terse, tests, tewed, tides, tiers, tiger, tigon, tinct, tined, tines, tinge, tings, tints, tipis, tired, tires, tiros, titer, titis, titre, toits, tondi, toned, toner, tones, tongs, tonic, tonne, toped, topee, toper, topes, topic, topis, torcs, tores, toric, torii, torse, torsi, torte, torts, toted, toter, totes, towed, tower, towie, towns, treed, treen, trees, trend, tress, trets, trews, tribe, trice, tried, trier, tries, trigo, trigs, trine, trios, tripe, trips, trite, trode, trois, trone, trope, trots, trows, tweed, tween, tweet, twerp, twice, twier, twigs, twine, twins, twirp, twist, twits, weber, wedge, weeds, weens, weeps, weest, weets, weird, weirs, wends, wests, widen, wider, wides, wince, winds, wined, wines, wings, winos, wiped, wiper, wipes, wired, wirer, wires, wised, wiser, wises, wisps, wists, wited, wites, wodge, wonts, words, worse, worst, worts, wrens, wrest, wried, wrier, wries, wring, wrist, write, writs, wrong, wrote

6-letter words
bedews, beeped, beeper, begets, begins, begird, begirt, begone, beiges, beings, bendee, bender, benign, bennes, bennet, bennis, berets, besets, beside, besnow, besots, bested, bestir, bestow, betide, betise, betons, betted, better, bettor, beweep, bewept, bewigs, biceps, bicorn, bicron, biders, bidets, biding, bigots, binder, bindis, binged, binges, bingos, binits, binned, binocs, biogen, bionic, bionts, biotic, biotin, bipeds, bipods, birder, birdie, birred, birses, bisect, bisons, bister, bistre, bistro, biters, biting, bitted, bitten, bitter, bodice, bodies, boding, bogies, boites, bonder, boners, bonged, bonier, boning, bonnes, bonnet, bonnie, bopped, bopper, border, boreen, borers, boride, boring, bossed, bosses, bowers, bowing, bowsed, bowses, bredes, breeds, brents, brewed, brewer, brewis, brides, bridge, briers, brined, briner, brines, brings, britts, broncs, broses, browns, browse, cebids, ceboid, ceders, ceding, cenote, censed, censer, censes, censor, center, centos, centre, cering, cerise, cerite, certes, cessed, cesses, cestoi, cestos, ciders, cinder, citers, citied, cities, citing, citrin, citron, codein, codens, coders, codger, coding, coedit, cogent, coigne, coigns, coined, coiner, congee, conger, conges, congii, conies, conine, coning, conins, conned, conner, contes, copens, copers, copied, copier, copies, coping, copped, copper, copses, copter, corbie, corder, corers, corgis, coring, corned, corner, cornet, corpse, corrie, corses, corset, cortin, cosets, cosied, cosier, cosies, cosign, cosine, cosset, costed, coster, coting, cotter, cowers, cowier, cowing, cowpie, cowrie, credit, credos, creeds, creeps, creese, creped, crepes, crepon, crests, cretin, crewed, criers, cringe, cripes, crises, crisis, crisps, crones, crores, crosse, crowds, crowed, crower, crowns, debits, debone, debris, debtor, deceit, decent, decern, decors, decree, deepen, deeper, degree, deicer, deices, deigns, deists, denier, denies, denote, denser, dentin, depict, depone, deport, depose, depots, derris, desert, design, desire, desist, desorb, despot, detect, detent, deters, detest, dewier, dewing, dicers, dicier, dicing, dicots, dieing, dienes, dieses, diesis, dieter, digest, digits, dinero, diners, dinges, dining, dinner, dipper, dipsos, direct, direst, dirges, discos, disown, dittos, dobies, docent, dogies, doings, donees, donnee, donsie, dopers, dopier, doping, dories, dorper, dorser, dosers, dosing, dosser, dosses, doters, dotier, doting, dotter, dowers, dowing, downer, dowser, dowses, driers, driest, droits, droner, drones, drowns, drowse, dwines, ecesis, edenic, edgers, edgier, edicts, editor, eerier, egests, egises, egoist, egress, egrets, eiders, encode, encore, enders, ending, endite, endows, endrin, engine, engird, engirt, enosis, enrobe, ensign, enters, entice, entire, entree, enwind, eosine, eosins, epigon, epodes, epopee, eposes, erects, erenow, ergots, eringo, erodes, eroses, erotic, erring, escort, escots, escrow, espied, espies, esprit, essoin, esters, estops, estrin, eterne, etwees, geests, gender, genets, genies, genips, genres, genros, gentes, geodes, geodic, geoids, gerent, gestes, gestic, getter, gibers, gibson, ginned, ginner, gipons, gipped, gipper, girder, girned, girons, girted, gneiss, gnoses, gnosis, gobies, godwit, goiter, goitre, goners, gorier, gorses, gossip, gotten, gowned, grebes, greeds, greens, greets, grides, grinds, griots, griped, griper, gripes, grippe, grison, grists, grocer, groins, groped, groper, gropes, grower, ibices, ibises, iciest, icings, icones, idiots, ignite, ignore, inborn, inbred, incept, incest, incise, incite, incogs, indene, indent, indict, indies, indign, indigo, indite, indows, indris, inerts, ingest, ingots, inners, inning, insect, insert, insets, inside, insist, instep, intend, intent, intern, inters, intine, intone, intort, intown, intron, intros, inwind, iodine, iodins, ionics, ionise, irenic, irides, iridic, irised, irises, iritic, iritis, ironed, ironer, irones, ironic, isseis, needer, neoned, nereid, nereis, nesses, nested, nester, nestor, netops, netted, netter, newest, newies, newsie, newton, nicest, nidget, niding, nieces, ninons, niobic, nipped, nipper, niseis, niters, nitons, nitres, nitric, nitrid, nitros, nitwit, nocent, noesis, noetic, noised, noises, nonces, nonets, nordic, norite, nosier, nosing, noters, notice, noting, nowise, obsess, obtect, obtest, octets, odists, ogress, onsets, onside, opened, opener, opined, opines, opsins, optics, opting, orbier, orbing, orbits, orcein, orcins, orders, oreide, orgies, oribis, orient, origin, orpine, orpins, orrice, oscine, osiers, ossein, otitic, otitis, otters, owners, owning, pecten, pectin, pedros, peened, peeped, peeper, peered, peerie, peewit, peined, peised, peises, pengos, penned, penner, pennis, pennon, pensee, peones, pepsin, peptic, peptid, perdie, pereon, period, perron, perses, person, perter, pester, pestos, peters, petite, petted, petter, pewees, pewits, pewter, picots, pidgin, pieced, piecer, pieces, pieing, pierce, pigeon, pigpen, pincer, pinder, pinene, pinged, pinger, pingos, pinier, pining, pinion, pinite, pinned, pinner, pinons, pinots, pintos, pionic, pipers, pipets, pipier, piping, pipits, pirogi, piscos, pistes, piston, pitied, pitier, pities, pitons, pitted, podite, poetic, pogies, poinds, pointe, points, poised, poiser, poises, ponced, ponces, ponder, ponent, ponged, pongee, pongid, ponied, ponies, pontes, popsie, poring, ported, porter, posers, posies, posing, posits, posses, posset, posted, poster, postin, poteen, potent, potpie, potsie, potted, potter, powder, powers, powter, precis, preens, preset, presto, prests, pretor, priced, pricer, prices, prides, priers, priest, prince, prints, priors, prised, prises, prison, probed, prober, probes, probit, prongs, proper, prosed, proser, proses, prosit, protei, prower, psocid, pterin, ptoses, ptosis, ptotic, rebecs, rebids, rebind, rebops, rebore, reborn, recede, recent, recept, recess, recipe, recite, recode, recoin, recons, record, rector, rectos, reding, redips, redipt, redoes, redone, redons, redrew, redtop, reedit, reests, regent, region, regret, regrew, regrow, reigns, reined, render, renege, renest, renews, renigs, renins, rennet, rennin, renown, rented, renter, rentes, reopen, repegs, repent, repine, repins, report, repose, repots, repped, repros, rerise, rerose, resect, reseed, reseen, resees, resend, resent, resets, resewn, resews, reside, resids, resign, resins, resist, resite, resods, resorb, resort, resown, resows, respot, rested, rester, retene, retest, retied, reties, retine, retint, retire, retore, retorn, retort, retros, retted, reweds, rewets, rewind, rewins, rewire, reword, ribier, ribose, ricers, ricing, ricins, rident, riders, ridges, riding, rigors, ringed, ringer, rinsed, rinser, rinses, rioted, rioter, ripens, ripest, riping, ripost, ripped, ripper, risers, rising, ritter, robing, robins, rodent, rogers, ropers, ropier, roping, rosets, rosier, rosing, rosins, roster, rotted, rotten, rotter, rottes, rowens, rowers, rowing, scends, scenes, scents, scions, scones, scopes, scored, scorer, scores, scorns, scoter, scowed, screed, screen, screes, screws, scribe, scried, scries, scrips, script, scrods, secede, secern, second, secret, sector, seders, sedges, seeder, seeing, seeped, segnos, seined, seiner, seines, seised, seiser, seises, seisin, seisor, sender, senior, seniti, sennet, sennit, senors, sensed, senses, sensor, sepses, sepsis, septet, septic, serein, serene, serest, serges, series, serine, sering, serins, serows, sestet, setons, setose, settee, setter, sewers, sewing, siding, sieged, sieges, signed, signee, signer, signet, signor, sinews, singed, singer, singes, sinned, sinner, sinter, siping, sipped, sipper, sippet, sirees, sirens, siring, sirree, sister, siting, sitten, sitter, sneers, snider, sniped, sniper, snipes, snored, snorer, snores, snorts, snowed, sobeit, sobers, soigne, soiree, sonder, sondes, sonics, sonnet, sonsie, sopite, sopped, sorbed, sorbet, sorbic, sorest, soring, sorned, sorner, sorted, sorter, sortie, sotted, sowens, sowers, sowing, specie, speedo, speeds, speers, speirs, speise, speiss, spence, spends, spense, spewed, spewer, spiced, spicer, spices, spider, spiers, spigot, spined, spines, spinet, spinor, spinto, spired, spires, spirit, spirts, spited, spites, spodes, sponge, spored, spores, sports, sprees, sprent, sprier, sprigs, spring, sprint, sprite, sprits, steeds, steeps, steers, steins, stenos, steppe, stereo, steres, steric, sterns, stewed, stingo, stings, stints, stiped, stipes, stirps, stodge, stogie, stoics, stoned, stoner, stones, stoped, stoper, stopes, stored, stores, stowed, stowps, street, streps, stress, strewn, strews, strict, stride, string, stripe, strips, stript, strobe, strode, strong, strops, strown, strows, swedes, sweeps, sweets, swinge, swings, swiped, swipes, swords, teeing, teener, teeter, teiids, teinds, tender, tendon, tenets, tenner, tennis, tenons, tenors, tenpin, tenrec, tensed, tenser, tenses, tensor, tented, tenter, tentie, tepees, terbic, terces, tercet, teredo, terete, ternes, terret, territ, terser, tested, testee, tester, testes, testis, teston, tewing, tidbit, tidier, tidies, tiding, tieing, tiepin, tierce, tiered, tigers, tigons, tincts, tinder, tineid, tinged, tinges, tinier, tining, tinned, tinner, tinted, tinter, tipped, tipper, tippet, tiptoe, tiptop, tiring, titers, titres, tobies, tocsin, todies, toeing, toited, toners, tonged, tonger, tonics, tonier, toning, tonner, tonnes, topees, topers, topics, toping, topped, topper, tories, torpid, torrid, torses, torten, tortes, tossed, tosser, tosses, toters, toting, towers, towies, towing, townee, townie, treens, trends, trepid, tribes, triced, trices, tricot, triene, triens, triers, trigon, trigos, trined, trines, triode, triose, tripes, tripod, tripos, triste, triter, triton, trones, tropes, tropic, tropin, trowed, tsetse, tsores, tsoris, tweeds, tweets, twerps, twiers, twined, twiner, twines, twinge, twirps, twists, webers, wedges, wedgie, weeder, weened, weenie, weeper, weepie, weeted, weiner, weirdo, weirds, wester, wetted, wetter, widens, widest, widget, wiener, wienie, wigeon, winced, wincer, winces, winder, winged, winger, winier, wining, winned, winner, winoes, winter, wipers, wiping, wirers, wirier, wiring, wisent, wisest, wising, wisped, wissed, wisses, wisted, witing, witted, wodges, wonder, wonned, wonner, wonted, worrit, worsen, worser, worses, worset, worsts, wotted, wrests, wriest, wrings, wrists, writer, writes, wrongs

7-letter words
becrowd, bedgown, bedpost, bedsore, beepers, beeping, beerier, begirds, beignet, bendees, benders, bending, benison, bennets, bennies, bergere, berried, berries, besides, besiege, besnows, besting, bestirs, bestows, bestrew, bestrid, bestrow, betides, betises, betters, betting, bettors, between, beweeps, bicorne, bicrons, bigness, bigoted, binders, binding, binning, biocide, biogens, bionics, biontic, biopsic, bioptic, biotics, biotins, biotite, birders, birdies, birding, birring, bisects, bisters, bistort, bistred, bistres, bistros, bittern, bitters, bittier, bitting, bodices, bodings, bonders, bonding, boneset, boniest, bonnets, bonnier, boppers, bopping, borders, boreens, borides, borings, bornite, bossier, bossies, bossing, bowered, bowings, bowsing, breeder, brewers, brewing, bridges, briners, bringer, brinier, brinies, brining, brisses, broider, browned, browner, brownie, browsed, browser, browses, ceboids, cenotes, censers, censing, censors, centers, centner, centred, centres, cerises, cerites, cessing, cession, cesspit, cestode, cestoid, cinders, cinerin, cirrose, cirsoid, cissies, cissoid, cistern, cistron, citrine, citrins, citrons, cittern, codeine, codeins, codgers, coedits, coesite, cognise, coigned, coignes, coiners, coining, cointer, condign, congeed, congees, congers, congest, coniine, conines, conners, conning, consent, consign, consist, contend, content, contest, copiers, copings, coppers, copping, copters, corbies, corders, cording, cordite, coreign, corners, cornets, cornier, corning, corpses, corries, corsets, cortege, cortins, cosiest, cosigns, cosines, cossets, costers, costing, coterie, cotters, cottier, cowbind, cowbird, cowered, cowiest, cowpies, cowries, cowrite, credent, credits, creeper, creepie, creeses, crepier, creping, crepons, cresses, cresset, crested, cretins, crewing, cringed, cringer, cringes, crinite, crinoid, crisped, crispen, crisper, critter, cronies, cropped, cropper, croppie, crosier, crossed, crosser, crosses, crowder, crowdie, crowers, crowing, crowned, crowner, crownet, ctenoid, deboner, debones, debtors, deceits, decerns, decreer, decrees, decrier, decries, decrown, deepens, deepest, degrees, deicers, deicing, deistic, deities, deniers, denning, denotes, densest, dentine, denting, dentins, dentist, deorbit, depicts, depones, deports, deposer, deposes, deposit, depress, derbies, dernier, derries, descent, deserts, designs, desirer, desires, desists, desorbs, despise, despite, despots, dessert, destine, detects, detente, detents, deterge, detests, dewiest, diciest, dictier, diction, diester, dieters, dieting, digests, digress, dineric, dineros, dinette, dingier, dingies, dingoes, dinners, dinning, dinting, diocese, diopter, dioptre, diorite, dippers, dippier, dipping, directs, dirtier, dirties, discept, discern, discing, disowns, disport, dispose, disrobe, dissect, dissent, dissert, distent, distort, ditsier, ditties, docents, donnees, donnert, donning, dopiest, dorpers, dorsers, dossers, dossier, dossing, dotiest, dotters, dottier, dotting, downers, downier, downing, dowries, dowsers, dowsing, dreeing, dresser, dresses, dripper, droners, droning, dropper, drosses, drowner, drowses, dwining, ebonies, ebonise, ebonite, edgiest, editing, edition, editors, eeriest, egested, egoists, egotist, eidetic, eirenic, encoder, encodes, encored, encores, endings, endites, endnote, endogen, endorse, endower, endrins, endwise, energid, engined, engines, engirds, engross, enrobed, enrober, enrobes, ensigns, entente, entered, enterer, enteric, enteron, enticed, enticer, entices, entires, entopic, entrees, entries, entwine, entwist, enwinds, eosines, eosinic, epeeist, epeiric, epergne, epicene, epidote, epigeic, epigene, epigone, epigoni, epigons, episode, epopees, erected, erecter, erector, erepsin, ergodic, ergotic, ericoid, eringos, eristic, erodent, eroding, erotics, escorts, escoted, escrows, eserine, esprits, essence, essoins, estrins, estrone, genders, generic, geneses, genesis, genetic, genette, genitor, genoise, gerents, gessoed, gessoes, getters, gibsons, ginners, ginnier, gippers, gipsied, gipsies, girders, gittern, gnostic, godwits, goiters, goitres, gonidic, goriest, gorsier, gossips, greened, greener, greenie, greeted, greeter, greisen, grinder, grinned, grinner, gripers, gripier, gripped, gripper, grippes, grisons, gritted, grocers, groined, gropers, grossed, grosser, grosses, growers, iceberg, iciness, identic, idiotic, ignited, igniter, ignites, ignitor, ignored, ignorer, ignores, inbeing, inbreds, inbreed, incense, incepts, incests, incipit, incised, incises, incisor, incited, inciter, incites, incross, indenes, indents, indices, indicts, indigen, indigos, inditer, indites, indorse, ingests, ingoted, ingress, ingrown, innings, inosite, insects, inserts, insider, insides, insigne, insipid, insists, inspect, inspire, insteps, inswept, integer, intends, intense, intents, interne, interns, intines, intoned, intoner, intones, intorts, introit, introns, intwine, intwist, inwinds, iodines, ionised, ionises, irenics, irising, ironers, ironies, ironing, ironist, isospin, necrose, needers, needier, needing, negroid, negroni, nepotic, nereids, neritic, nesters, nesting, nestors, netters, nettier, netting, newborn, newness, newsier, newsies, newtons, nicotin, nidgets, ninepin, ninnies, nippers, nippier, nipping, nitride, nitrids, nitrite, nittier, nitwits, noisier, noising, nonnews, norites, noritic, nosiest, nosings, noticed, notices, nowness, obscene, obtests, oersted, oestrin, oneiric, oneness, onerier, openers, openest, opening, opining, oppress, orbiest, orbited, orbiter, orceins, ordines, oreides, orients, origins, orpines, orrices, orrises, oscines, osseins, pectens, pectins, peening, peepers, peeping, peeress, peeries, peering, peewits, peining, peising, pendent, pending, penises, penners, pennies, pennine, penning, pennons, pensees, pension, penster, pentene, pentode, pentose, peonies, pepsine, pepsins, peptics, peptide, peptids, peptone, percent, percept, percoid, pereion, peridot, perigee, perigon, periods, periwig, perpend, perpent, perries, perrons, persist, persons, pertest, pesters, petered, petites, petters, pettier, petting, pewters, picoted, picotee, picrite, pidgins, piecers, piecing, pierced, piercer, pierces, pierogi, pierrot, pieties, pietist, pigeons, pigpens, pigweed, pinbone, pincers, pinders, pinenes, pingers, piniest, pinions, pinites, pinners, pinnies, pinning, pinones, pintoes, pinweed, pioneer, pipette, pipiest, pipings, pirogen, piscine, pissoir, pistons, pitiers, pitting, podgier, podites, poditic, poesies, poetess, poetics, poetise, pointed, pointer, pointes, poisers, poising, poncing, ponders, ponding, pongees, pongids, pontine, popsies, porcine, porcini, porgies, porrect, portend, portent, porters, porting, posited, possets, posteen, postern, posters, posting, postins, poteens, potence, potpies, potsies, potteen, potters, pottier, potties, potting, powders, powered, powters, prebend, prebind, precede, precent, precept, precess, precipe, precise, precode, predict, preedit, preeing, preened, preener, prepreg, preriot, present, presets, preside, presong, presort, pressed, presser, presses, pressor, prester, prestos, preteen, pretend, pretest, pretors, pricers, pricier, pricing, priding, priests, princes, printed, printer, prisere, prising, prisons, prissed, prisses, probers, probing, probits, proceed, process, proette, pronged, propend, propene, propers, propine, prosect, prosers, prosier, prosing, prosper, prosses, prossie, prostie, protect, protege, proteid, protein, protend, protest, protist, prowess, prowest, psocids, pterins, rebinds, rebored, rebores, recedes, receipt, recepts, recipes, recited, reciter, recites, recodes, recoins, records, recross, recrown, rectors, redbone, redness, redoing, redress, redries, redtops, redwing, reedier, reeding, reedits, reendow, reenter, reerect, reested, regents, regions, regreen, regreet, regress, regrets, regrind, regrown, regrows, reigned, reining, reinter, renders, rending, reneged, reneger, reneges, renests, renewed, renewer, rennets, rennins, renowns, renters, rentier, renting, reopens, repents, repined, repiner, repines, reports, reposed, reposer, reposes, reposit, repower, repress, reprice, reprint, reprise, reprobe, reredos, rerisen, rerises, rescind, rescore, resects, reseeds, resends, resents, resewed, resider, resides, resigns, resined, resists, resited, resites, resorbs, resorts, resowed, respect, respire, respite, respond, respots, resters, resting, restore, retenes, retests, retines, retints, retired, retiree, retires, retorts, retried, retries, retting, retwist, rewiden, rewinds, rewired, rewires, rewords, rewrite, rewrote, ribiers, riboses, ribwort, ridgier, ridings, ringent, ringers, rinning, rinsers, rinsing, rioters, rioting, ripcord, ripened, ripener, ripieni, ripieno, riposte, riposts, rippers, ripping, ripstop, riptide, risings, ritters, rodents, roister, rontgen, ropiest, rosette, rosiest, rosined, rosters, rotters, rotting, rowdier, rowdies, rowings, scented, scepter, sceptre, scissor, scorers, scoring, scorned, scorner, scoters, scottie, scowder, scowing, screeds, screens, screwed, screwer, scribed, scriber, scribes, scripts, seceder, secedes, secerns, seconde, secondi, seconds, secrete, secrets, section, sectors, sedgier, seeders, seedier, seeding, seeings, seepier, seeping, seeress, seiners, seining, seisers, seising, seisins, seisors, senders, sending, senecio, seniors, sennets, sennits, senores, sensing, sensors, septets, septics, sereins, serener, serenes, sericin, serines, serpent, serpigo, serried, serries, session, sestets, sestine, settees, setters, setting, sewered, sewings, sidings, sienite, signees, signers, signets, signior, signore, signori, signors, sincere, sinewed, singers, sinners, sinning, sinopie, sinters, sippers, sippets, sipping, sirrees, sissier, sisters, sitters, sitting, sneered, sneerer, snidest, snipers, sniping, snipped, snipper, snippet, snorers, snoring, snorted, snorter, snowier, snowing, sobered, soberer, soignee, soirees, sonders, sonnets, sonnies, sonsier, sopited, sopites, soppier, sopping, sorbent, sorbets, sorbing, sordine, sordini, sorings, sorites, soritic, sorners, sorning, sorters, sortied, sorties, sorting, species, specter, spectre, speeder, speedos, speered, speired, speises, spencer, spences, spender, spenses, spewers, spewing, spicers, spicier, spicing, spiders, spiered, spigots, spinets, spinier, spinner, spinors, spinose, spintos, spirier, spiring, spirits, spiroid, spirted, spiting, spitted, spitter, spondee, sponged, sponger, sponges, spongin, sporing, sported, sporter, spotted, spotter, spriest, springe, springs, sprints, sprites, steeped, steepen, steeper, steered, steerer, stentor, stepped, stepper, steppes, stepson, stereos, sterner, steroid, stertor, stewing, stibine, stinger, stingos, stinted, stinter, stipend, stirpes, stirred, stodges, stogies, stoners, stonier, stoning, stopers, stoping, stopped, stopper, storied, stories, storing, stowing, streets, strewed, strewer, strider, strides, stridor, strings, striped, striper, stripes, strobes, strobic, strowed, sweeper, sweeten, sweeter, sweetie, swinged, swinger, swinges, swiping, swopped, swotted, swotter, teeners, teenier, teeters, tenders, tending, tendons, tenners, tennist, tenoned, tenoner, tenpins, tenrecs, tensest, tensing, tension, tensors, tenters, tentier, tenting, tercets, terebic, teredos, tergite, ternion, terpene, terreen, terrene, terrets, terries, terrine, territs, tersest, testees, testers, testier, testing, testons, tetrode, tidbits, tiderip, tidiers, tidiest, tidings, tiepins, tierced, tierces, tiering, tigress, tincted, tinders, tineids, tiniest, tinners, tinnier, tinning, tinters, tinting, tippers, tippets, tippier, tipping, tipsier, tipster, tiptoed, tiptoes, tiptops, tireder, tocsins, toiting, tonetic, tongers, toniest, tonners, tontine, toppers, topping, topside, topspin, torpids, torrent, tossers, tossing, towered, townees, townies, treeing, treetop, tressed, tresses, triceps, tricing, tricorn, tricots, trident, trienes, trigons, trining, triodes, trioses, tripods, tripped, tripper, trippet, trisect, tritone, tritons, tropics, tropine, tropins, trowing, tsetses, tweeted, tweeter, twiners, twinged, twinges, twinier, twining, twinned, twinset, twisted, twister, webster, wedgier, wedgies, weeders, weedier, weeding, weenier, weenies, weening, weepers, weepier, weepies, weeping, weeting, weiners, weirder, weirdie, weirdos, wendigo, wending, wennier, western, westers, westing, wetness, wetters, wetting, widener, widgeon, widgets, wieners, wienies, wigeons, wincers, wincing, winders, windier, windigo, winding, winesop, wingers, wingier, wingtip, winiest, winners, winning, winters, wiriest, wirings, wisents, wispier, wisping, wissing, wisting, witness, wittier, witting, woeness, wonders, wonners, wonning, wonting, wordier, wording, worried, worries, worrits, worsens, worsets, worsted, wotting, wrested, wrester, wringed, wringer, writers, writing, written, wronged, wronger

8-letter words
becrowds, bedewing, bedgowns, bedposts, bedsores, beeriest, beeswing, begetter, beginner, begotten, beignets, bendwise, benedict, benisons, bergeres, beringed, bescreen, besetter, besieged, besieger, besieges, besnowed, besotted, besprent, bestowed, bestrewn, bestrews, bestride, bestrode, bestrown, bestrows, betiding, betonies, bettered, bewinged, bicepses, bicornes, bindings, biocides, biogenic, biopsies, biotites, biotitic, birdings, bisected, bisector, bistered, bistorts, bistroic, bitewing, bittered, bitterer, bitterns, bittings, boiserie, bondings, bonesets, boniness, bonneted, bonniest, bornites, bossiest, boweries, bowering, bowsprit, breeders, breeding, brewings, brewises, bringers, briniest, brionies, broiders, brownest, brownier, brownies, browning, browsers, browsing, cenobite, censored, centered, centeses, centesis, centners, centones, centring, centrist, centroid, cessions, cesspits, cestodes, cestoids, cinerins, cirriped, cissoids, cisterns, cistrons, citrines, citrinin, citterns, codeines, codesign, coesites, cognised, cognises, cointers, condense, congener, congests, congress, coniines, consents, consider, consigns, consists, conspire, contends, contents, contests, contrite, coppered, cordings, cordites, coreigns, cornered, corniest, corseted, corteges, cosigned, cosigner, cosiness, cosseted, coteries, cottiers, cowbinds, cowbirds, cowering, cowinner, cowrites, creditor, creepers, creepier, creepies, creeping, crepiest, cressets, cresting, cretonne, cringers, crinites, crinoids, crispens, crispers, crispest, crispier, crisping, critters, croppers, croppies, cropping, crosiers, crossers, crossest, crossing, crosstie, crowders, crowdies, crowding, crowners, crownets, crowning, crowstep, debiting, deboners, deboning, decenter, decentre, decision, decreers, decrepit, decriers, decrowns, deepness, denoting, dentines, dentists, deorbits, depicter, depictor, deponent, deponing, deportee, deposers, deposing, deposits, deringer, derision, derrises, descents, describe, descrier, descries, deserter, desertic, designee, designer, desinent, desirers, desiring, despiser, despises, despites, despotic, desserts, destines, destrier, detecter, detector, detentes, deterger, deterges, detester, dewiness, dictiest, dictions, diereses, dieresis, dieretic, diesters, dietetic, digester, digestor, dinettes, dingiest, dioceses, diopters, dioptres, dioptric, diorites, dioritic, dippiest, dipteron, directer, director, direness, dirtiest, discepts, discerns, discoing, discreet, discrete, discrown, disinter, dispense, disperse, dispirit, disports, disposer, disposes, disrober, disrobes, dissects, disseise, dissents, disserts, distinct, distorts, distress, district, ditsiest, dittoing, doctrine, doneness, dopester, dopiness, dosseret, dossiers, doweries, dowering, downiest, dressers, dressier, dressing, drippers, drippier, dripping, droppers, dropping, dropsies, drossier, drowners, drowning, drowsier, drowsing, ebonised, ebonises, ebonites, ecesises, edgewise, edginess, editions, editress, eeriness, egestion, egoistic, egotists, egressed, egresses, einstein, enceinte, encoders, encoding, encoring, enditing, endnotes, endogens, endorsee, endorser, endorses, endowers, endowing, endpoint, energids, energies, energise, engender, engineer, enosises, enrobers, enrobing, ententes, enterers, entering, enterons, enticers, enticing, entities, entrepot, entropic, entwined, entwines, entwists, epeeists, epergnes, epicenes, epidotes, epidotic, epigenic, epigones, epigonic, episcope, episodes, episodic, erecters, erecting, erection, erectors, erepsins, erigeron, eringoes, eristics, erogenic, escorted, escoting, escrowed, eserines, esoteric, espresso, essences, essonite, estopped, estrogen, estrones, eternise, generics, genetics, genettes, genitors, genocide, genoises, gentrice, gentries, geodesic, geodetic, gerontic, gettered, ginniest, gitterns, gneisses, gneissic, goneness, goriness, gorsiest, gossiped, gossiper, greedier, greenest, greenier, greenies, greeters, greisens, gridiron, grinders, grinners, gripiest, grippers, grippier, grisette, grittier, grossers, grossest, grottier, icebergs, idiocies, igniters, ignition, ignitors, ignitron, ignorers, inbeings, inbreeds, incensed, incenses, incepted, inceptor, incident, incipits, incising, incision, incisors, inciters, inciting, incorpse, indecent, indenter, indentor, indictee, indicter, indictor, indigene, indigens, indigent, indigoes, indirect, inditers, inditing, indorsee, indorser, indorses, indowing, ingested, innocent, inosites, inscribe, inserted, inserter, insetted, insetter, insiders, insisted, insister, inspects, inspired, inspirer, inspires, inspirit, instinct, integers, intender, intenser, interbed, interest, interior, interned, internee, internes, interred, interrow, intertie, intoners, intoning, intorted, intrepid, introits, introrse, intwined, intwines, intwists, ionising, iritises, ironings, ironists, ironness, ironside, ironweed, isogenic, isoprene, isospins, necrosed, necroses, necrosis, neediest, negroids, negronis, neoprene, neotenic, neoteric, nepotist, nereides, nescient, nettings, newborns, newsiest, niceness, niceties, nicotine, nicotins, nidering, nigrosin, ninepins, nineteen, nineties, nippiest, niteries, nitrides, nitrites, nitrogen, noesises, noisette, noisiest, nonbeing, nongreen, nonprint, nonrigid, nonsense, nosiness, noticing, obedient, obscener, obsessed, obtected, obtested, oersteds, oestrins, ogresses, oneriest, openings, openness, opticist, orbiters, orbiting, ordering, oriented, oscinine, osteitic, osteitis, otitides, pecorini, pectines, pedigree, peignoir, pendents, penitent, pennines, pennoned, penpoint, pensione, pensions, pensters, pentenes, pentodes, pentoses, peperoni, pepsines, peptides, peptidic, peptones, peptonic, percents, percepts, percoids, peregrin, pericope, peridots, perigees, perigons, periodic, periotic, peripter, periwigs, perpends, perpents, persists, perspire, pertness, pestered, pesterer, petering, petition, pettings, pewterer, picotees, picoting, picrites, piecings, piercers, piercing, pierrots, pietists, pigsties, pigweeds, pinbones, pinecone, pineries, pinioned, pinniped, pinpoint, pinweeds, pioneers, piperine, pipetted, pipettes, pipiness, pirogies, pissoirs, pittings, podgiest, poetised, poetiser, poetises, poetries, poinding, pointers, pointier, pointing, ponderer, porridge, portends, portents, portiere, portress, positing, posteens, posterns, postings, postteen, potences, potteens, pottered, potterer, powderer, powering, prebends, prebinds, precedes, precents, precepts, precipes, precised, preciser, precises, precited, precodes, predicts, preedits, preeners, preening, preerect, prentice, prepense, prepregs, preprice, preprint, prerinse, prescind, prescore, presence, presents, presider, presides, presidio, presorts, pressers, pressing, pressors, presters, prestige, preteens, pretence, pretends, pretense, preterit, pretests, prettied, prettier, pretties, priciest, priested, princess, principe, principi, printers, printing, prioress, priories, priseres, prisoned, prisoner, prissier, prissies, prissing, pristine, proceeds, proettes, progress, propends, propenes, propense, propined, propines, prosects, prosiest, prospect, prospers, prossies, prosties, protects, protegee, proteges, proteide, proteids, proteins, protends, protests, protists, rebodies, reboring, receding, receipts, recenter, receptor, recessed, recesses, recision, reciters, reciting, recoding, recoined, recopied, recopies, recrowns, redbones, redenies, redesign, redigest, redirect, redwings, reediest, reedings, reendows, reenters, reerects, reesting, regicide, register, regreens, regreets, regrinds, reignite, reincite, reindeer, reindict, reinsert, reinters, renegers, renested, renewers, renewing, renitent, renowned, rentiers, reopened, reorient, repented, repenter, repetend, repiners, repining, repinned, reported, reposers, reposing, reposits, repotted, repowers, repriced, reprices, reprints, reprised, reprises, reprobed, reprobes, rerising, rescinds, rescored, rescores, rescreen, rescript, resected, reseeing, resented, resetter, resewing, resident, residers, residing, resigned, resigner, resining, resinoid, resisted, resister, resistor, resiting, resorbed, resorcin, resorted, resowing, respects, respired, respires, respited, respites, responds, response, respring, restored, restores, restress, restrict, restring, retested, reticent, retinene, retinite, retinted, retirees, retiring, retorted, retwists, rewetted, rewidens, rewinder, rewiring, rewrites, ribworts, ricebird, ridgiest, rigorist, ringbone, ringside, ringtoss, rinsings, ripcords, ripeners, ripeness, ripening, ripienos, riposted, ripostes, ripstops, riptides, roentgen, roisters, rontgens, roperies, ropiness, roseries, rosettes, rosiness, rosining, rottener, rowdiest, scending, scenting, scepters, sceptred, sceptres, scission, scorners, scorning, scotties, scowders, screened, screener, screwers, screwier, screwing, scribers, scribing, scripted, scripter, seceders, seceding, secerned, seconder, secondes, secreted, secreter, secretes, secretin, secretor, sections, sectored, sedgiest, sedition, seediest, seepiest, seicento, seignior, seisings, senecios, sentence, sentient, sentries, serenest, sericins, serotine, serpents, sesterce, sestines, setscrew, settings, sewering, siderite, sidespin, sidestep, sidewise, sienites, signeted, signiori, signiors, signpost, sincerer, sinewing, sinister, sintered, sistered, sistroid, sittings, sneerers, sneering, snippers, snippets, snippier, snipping, snorters, snorting, snottier, snowbird, snowiest, soberest, sobering, songbird, songster, sonneted, sonsiest, sopiting, soppiest, sorbents, sordines, soreness, soricine, sorriest, specters, spectres, speeders, speedier, speeding, speering, speiring, spencers, spenders, spending, spiciest, spiering, spiniest, spinners, spinnies, spinning, spinster, spiriest, spirited, spirting, spitters, spitting, spondees, spongers, spongier, spongins, sporters, sportier, sporting, spotters, spottier, spotting, springed, springer, springes, sprinted, sprinter, steepens, steepers, steepest, steeping, steerers, steering, stenosed, stenoses, stenosis, stenotic, stentors, steppers, stepping, stepsons, stepwise, stereoed, sternest, sternite, sternson, steroids, stertors, stibines, stibnite, stiction, stingers, stingier, stinters, stinting, stipends, stipites, stirring, stodgier, stoniest, stoppers, stopping, stressed, stressor, strewers, strewing, stricter, strident, striders, striding, stridors, strigose, stringed, stringer, stripers, stripier, striping, stripped, stripper, stronger, strontic, stropped, stropper, strowing, sweenies, sweepers, sweepier, sweeping, sweetens, sweetest, sweeties, sweeting, sweetsop, swingers, swingier, swopping, swotters, swotting, teeniest, teensier, tendence, tenderer, tennises, tennists, tenoners, tenoning, tenorist, tenorite, tenpence, tensions, tentered, teosinte, tergites, ternions, terpenes, terpenic, terreens, terrenes, terrines, tetrodes, tiderips, tidiness, tincting, tininess, tinniest, tinstone, tintings, tippiest, tipsiest, tipsters, tiredest, toepiece, tonetics, tontines, toppings, topsider, topsides, topspins, torrents, towerier, towering, trecento, treetops, trendier, trendies, trending, tressier, tricorne, tricorns, tridents, trientes, trigness, tripodic, triposes, trippers, trippets, tripping, tripwire, trisects, tritones, tropines, trowsers, tsorriss, tweedier, tweenies, tweeters, tweeting, twenties, twinborn, twiniest, twinning, twinsets, twisters, twistier, twisting, twopence, websters, wedgiest, weediest, weeniest, weensier, weepiest, weepings, weirdest, weirdies, weirdoes, wendigos, wenniest, westered, westerns, westings, wettings, wicopies, wideners, wideness, widening, widgeons, windiest, windigos, windings, windpipe, wineries, winesops, wingiest, wingtips, winnings, wintered, winterer, wintrier, wiriness, wiseness, wispiest, wittings, wonderer, wordiest, wordings, wornness, worrited, worsened, worsteds, worsting, wresters, wresting, wringers, wristier, writings, wrongers, wrongest

9-letter words
bedirties, bedspring, beestings, beeswings, begetters, beginners, benedicts, bentonite, bescreens, besetters, besetting, besiegers, besnowing, besotting, bestirred, bestowing, bestrewed, bestrides, bestrowed, bettering, beweeping, beworried, beworries, bigeneric, bignesses, bigotries, binderies, biogenies, birdieing, birdsongs, bisecting, bisection, bisectors, bisontine, bitewings, bittering, boiseries, bonneting, bordering, bowsprits, bowstring, breedings, breweries, bringdown, brininess, browniest, browridge, cenobites, censoring, centering, centipede, centrings, centrists, centroids, cindering, cirripeds, citrinins, codesigns, coediting, condenser, condenses, congeners, congeries, congested, consented, consenter, considers, consigned, consignee, consisted, conspired, conspires, contender, contented, contested, contester, continent, coppering, copresent, cornering, cornetist, corniness, corseting, cosigners, cosseting, cowinners, cowriting, cowritten, crediting, creditors, creepiest, crestings, cretonnes, crispened, crispiest, crispness, criterion, crossbred, crossings, crossties, crosswind, crosswise, crowsteps, decenters, decentest, decentres, deception, decerning, decisions, decongest, decreeing, deepening, denseness, densities, dentition, depicters, depicting, depiction, depictors, deponents, deportees, deporting, depresses, depressor, derepress, deringers, derisions, describer, describes, descriers, deserters, deserting, desertion, designees, designers, desisting, desorbing, despisers, despising, despiting, destinies, destining, destriers, detecters, detecting, detection, detectors, detention, detergent, detergers, deterrent, deterring, detesters, detesting, detrition, dietetics, digenetic, digesters, digestion, digestors, digitonin, dignities, digresses, dinginess, directest, directing, direction, directors, dirigiste, dirtiness, discerner, discrowns, disinters, disorient, disowning, dispenser, dispenses, disperser, disperses, dispirits, disposers, disposing, disrobers, disrobing, dissector, disseisin, disseisor, dissenter, distorter, districts, doctrines, dopesters, dosserets, dottiness, downpipes, dressiest, dressings, drippiest, drippings, dripstone, droppings, drossiest, drowsiest, ebonising, egestions, egotistic, egression, einsteins, eisegesis, enceintes, endocrine, endoergic, endogenic, endorsees, endorsers, endorsing, endpoints, energetic, energised, energises, engenders, engineers, engrossed, engrosser, engrosses, enteritis, entrecote, entrepots, entropies, entwining, entwisted, enwinding, epicenter, episcopes, erections, erectness, erigerons, eroticist, escorting, escrowing, essonites, estopping, estrogens, eternised, eternises, genocides, gentrices, geodesics, geodesies, geodesist, gneissoid, gneissose, gossipers, gossipped, greediest, greeniest, greenness, gridirons, grippiest, grisettes, groceries, icinesses, ignescent, ignitions, ignitrons, incensing, incenters, incepting, inception, inceptors, incidents, incipient, incisions, incondite, incorpsed, incorpses, incrossed, incrosses, indenters, indenting, indention, indentors, indictees, indicters, indicting, indiction, indictors, indigence, indigenes, indigents, indigotin, indispose, indorsees, indorsers, indorsing, ineptness, inertness, ingestion, ingresses, innocents, inscribed, inscriber, inscribes, inserters, inserting, insertion, insetters, insetting, insincere, insistent, insisters, insisting, inspected, inspector, inspirers, inspiring, inspirits, instincts, intenders, intending, intensest, intension, intention, interbeds, interbred, intercede, intercept, intercrop, interdict, interests, interiors, internees, interning, internist, internode, interpose, interpret, interring, intersect, interties, intestine, intorting, intrinsic, intwining, intwisted, inwinding, ironsides, ironweeds, isogeneic, isogenies, isoprenes, necrosing, neediness, neoprenes, neotenies, neoterics, nepotists, nescients, newnesses, newsiness, newsprint, nicotines, niderings, nigrosins, nineteens, nippiness, nitriding, nitrogens, noisettes, noisiness, nonbeings, nonbiting, noncredit, noncrises, noncrisis, nondegree, nondesert, noninsect, nonsenses, nonsigner, nonwriter, nosepiece, notedness, nownesses, obedience, obesities, obscenest, obsessing, obstetric, obtesting, onenesses, oppressed, oppresses, opticists, orienteer, orienting, orneriest, pedigrees, pedogenic, peignoirs, penitence, penitents, penpoints, pensioned, pensioner, pensiones, peperonis, perdition, peregrine, peregrins, pericopes, peridotic, peripters, periscope, persisted, persister, perspired, perspires, pertinent, pesterers, pestering, pesticide, petitions, pettiness, pewterers, piecewise, pierogies, pietistic, pigeonite, pinecones, pinedrops, pinioning, pinnipeds, pinpoints, pinsetter, pinstripe, pioneered, piosities, piperines, pipestone, pipetting, poetesses, poetisers, poetising, pointiest, ponderers, pondering, porridges, portering, portieres, potencies, potterers, potteries, pottering, powderers, powdering, prebiotic, precedent, preceding, precensor, precented, precentor, preceptor, precessed, precesses, precisest, precising, precision, precoding, precrisis, predictor, predigest, predinner, preerects, prenticed, prentices, prepotent, prepriced, preprices, preprints, prerinses, prescient, prescinds, prescored, prescores, prescreen, prescribe, prescript, presences, presented, presenter, president, presiders, presiding, presidios, presorted, pressings, prestiges, prestress, pretences, pretender, pretenses, preterite, preterits, pretested, priestess, priesting, princesse, printings, prisoners, prisoning, prissiest, probities, processed, processes, prodigies, progenies, progestin, proneness, properdin, properest, propining, proscribe, prosected, prosiness, prospects, prospered, protected, protegees, proteides, protested, protester, prowesses, pteridine, rebinding, receipted, recension, recentest, reception, receptors, recessing, recession, recipient, recisions, recognise, recoining, recondite, recording, recordist, recrossed, recrosses, recrowned, rectories, redeposit, redesigns, redigests, redingote, redipping, redirects, redispose, rednesses, redonning, redresses, reediness, reediting, reedition, reentries, regencies, regicides, registers, regressed, regresses, regretted, reignited, reignites, reincited, reincites, reindeers, reindicts, reinserts, reinspect, reinspire, rencontre, rendering, rendition, renesting, renowning, reopening, reorients, repenters, repenting, repetends, repinning, reporting, reposited, repotting, repowered, represent, repressed, represses, repricing, reprinted, reprising, reprobing, reprocess, reredoses, rescinder, rescoring, rescreens, rescripts, resecting, resection, reseeding, resending, resenting, reserpine, resetters, resetting, residence, residents, resigners, resinoids, resisters, resisting, resistors, resitting, resorbing, resorcins, resorting, respected, respecter, respiring, respiting, responder, responses, respotted, resprings, restoring, restricts, restrings, retention, retesting, retinenes, retinites, retinitis, retinoids, retinting, retorting, retrocede, retrodict, retwisted, rewetting, rewinders, rewinding, rewinning, rewording, rewriting, rewritten, ricebirds, rigidness, rigorists, ringbones, ringsides, riposting, roentgens, roistered, rosinweed, rowdiness, sceneries, sceptered, sceptring, scientist, scissored, screeding, screeners, screening, screwiest, scripters, scripting, secerning, secession, seconders, seconding, secretest, secreting, secretins, secretion, secretors, sectioned, sectoring, seditions, seediness, seicentos, seigniors, senescent, sensitise, sentenced, sentences, sentience, sentients, serotines, serpigoes, sesterces, setscrews, sidepiece, siderites, sidespins, sidesteps, sideswipe, signories, signorine, signposts, sincerest, sintering, sistering, snideness, snippiest, snowbirds, snowiness, soberness, societies, songbirds, songsters, sonneteer, sonneting, sonnetted, soppiness, sorceress, sorceries, sorriness, sortieing, speediest, speedings, speedster, speerings, spiceries, spiciness, spiderier, spiderweb, spininess, spinneret, spinnings, spinsters, spiriting, spiritist, spongiest, sporicide, sportiest, springers, springier, sprinters, sprinting, steepness, stereoing, sternites, sternness, sternpost, sternsons, stibnites, stictions, stingiest, stodgiest, stoniness, stoppered, storewide, stressing, stridence, stringent, stringers, stringier, stripiest, stripings, strippers, stripping, strongest, stroppers, stroppier, stropping, sweepiest, sweepings, sweetings, sweetness, sweetsops, swingiest, teensiest, teentsier, teetering, tendences, tenderers, tenderest, tendering, tendresse, tenebrist, tenorists, tenorites, tenpences, tenseness, tensioned, tensioner, tensities, tentering, teosintes, tepidness, teredines, terpenoid, terseness, testcross, testiness, tigresses, tinniness, tinstones, tipsiness, tiptoeing, tiredness, toepieces, topsiders, torridest, tortricid, toweriest, trecentos, trendiest, tressiest, tretinoin, tricepses, tricornes, tricotine, trinities, tripodies, trippiest, trippings, tripwires, trisected, trisector, triteness, tropistic, tweediest, twinnings, twistings, twopences, weediness, weensiest, weirdness, westering, wetnesses, windiness, windpipes, winepress, winterers, winterier, wintering, wintriest, wispiness, witnessed, witnesses, wittiness, woenesses, wonderers, wondering, wordiness, worriting, worsening, wristiest, wrongness

10-letter words
becrowding, bedsprings, bentonites, bentonitic, bestirring, bestrewing, bestriding, bestrowing, biogeneses, biogenesis, biogenetic, bisections, bitterness, bitterweed, bonesetter, boninesses, boringness, bowstrings, bringdowns, broideries, broidering, browridges, centipedes, cointerred, condensers, condensing, congressed, congresses, consenters, consenting, consignees, consistent, consisting, conspiring, constringe, contenders, contending, contenting, contesters, contesting, continents, contingent, copresents, cordierite, coresident, cornerwise, cornetists, corsetiere, corsetries, cowberries, creepiness, crispening, crispiness, criterions, crossbreds, crossbreed, crosstrees, crosswinds, decentring, deceptions, decongests, decrowning, dentitions, deorbiting, depictions, depositing, depressing, depression, depressors, descension, describers, describing, descriptor, desertions, detections, detentions, detergents, deterrents, detritions, dewberries, dewinesses, digestions, digitonins, digression, dipnetting, directions, directness, directress, direnesses, discepting, discerners, discerning, discontent, discreeter, discretion, disorients, dispensers, dispensing, dispersers, dispersing, dispersion, disporting, disrespect, dissecting, dissection, dissectors, disseising, dissension, dissenters, dissenting, dissention, disserting, distension, distention, distincter, distorters, distorting, dogberries, donenesses, dopinesses, dripstones, drowsiness, edginesses, editresses, egressions, endergonic, endocrines, endogenies, energetics, engineries, engrossers, enregister, ensigncies, enterprise, entireness, entireties, entrecotes, entwisting, epicenters, epigenesis, epigenetic, eroticists, escritoire, estrogenic, eternising, eternities, geneticist, geodesists, gonenesses, gorinesses, gossipries, greediness, greenstone, grinderies, grindstone, grittiness, identities, idoneities, inbreeding, inceptions, incorpsing, incrossing, indecenter, indecision, indentions, indictions, indigences, indigotins, indiscreet, indisposes, indistinct, ingestions, ingredient, ingression, innocenter, inscribers, inscribing, insentient, insertions, insistence, inspecting, inspection, inspectors, inspirited, intensions, intentions, intentness, interbreed, interceder, intercedes, intercepts, intercrops, intercross, interdicts, interested, interionic, internists, internodes, interpoint, interposed, interposer, interposes, interprets, interreges, interrogee, intersects, interstice, intertwine, intestines, intinction, introspect, intwisting, ionicities, iridescent, ironnesses, isentropic, isopiestic, necropsied, necropsies, nepotistic, newsperson, newsprints, nicenesses, nonbetting, nonbreeder, nonentries, nongenetic, noninsects, nonreceipt, nonsigners, nonwriters, nosepieces, obediences, obstetrics, opennesses, oppressing, orienteers, orneriness, osteitides, pendencies, penitences, pensioners, pensioning, pepsinogen, perception, percipient, perditions, peregrines, peridotite, peripeties, periscopes, perpending, persistent, persisters, persisting, perspiring, pertinence, pertnesses, pesticides, petiteness, petitioned, petitioner, pigeonites, pinpointed, pinsetters, pinspotter, pinstripes, pioneering, piperidine, pipestones, pipinesses, portending, portresses, postcrises, postcrisis, postscript, prebinding, precedents, precensors, precenting, precentors, preceptors, precessing, precession, precipitin, precisions, predestine, predicting, prediction, predictors, predigests, predispose, prednisone, preediting, prenticing, preopening, prepricing, preprinted, preprocess, prescoring, prescreens, prescribed, prescribes, prescripts, presenters, presenting, presentist, presetting, presidents, presorting, pretenders, pretending, pretension, preterites, pretesting, prettiness, prewriting, princesses, printeries, prioresses, priorities, probenecid, proceeding, processing, progestins, progressed, progresses, propending, properdins, properness, propertied, properties, proscribed, proscribes, prosecting, prospected, prospering, protecting, protending, protesters, protesting, protreptic, pteridines, rebreeding, receipting, recensions, recentness, receptions, recessions, recipients, recognised, recognises, recondense, reconsider, recordings, recordists, recrossing, recrowning, redeposits, redescribe, redingotes, redisposes, redistrict, redressing, reeditions, reendowing, reentering, reerecting, registered, registries, regression, reignition, reinciting, reinserted, reinspects, reinspired, reinspires, rencontres, renditions, reoriented, repetition, repositing, repowering, represents, repressing, repression, reprinting, rescinders, rescinding, rescission, resections, reserpines, residences, resittings, respecters, respecting, respondent, responders, responding, respotting, restressed, restricted, retentions, retrocedes, retrodicts, retrospect, retwisting, rewidening, rigidities, rigoristic, rinderpest, ringtosses, ripenesses, roistering, ropinesses, rosinweeds, rotisserie, rottenness, sceptering, scientists, scissoring, scowdering, screenings, screwiness, secretions, sectioning, seignories, sensitised, sentencing, sentiences, serenities, serosities, serpentine, serpigines, sidepieces, sideswipes, signiories, signposted, snippetier, snottiness, sobersides, sobrieties, songwriter, sonneteers, sonnetting, speediness, speedsters, spideriest, spiderwebs, spiderwort, spinnerets, spinneries, spiritists, sponginess, sporicides, sportiness, spottiness, springiest, springtide, steepening, stepsister, stereopses, stereopsis, sternposts, stinginess, stodginess, stoppering, streetwise, strictness, stridences, stringendo, stringiest, stroppiest, sweetbrier, sweetening, tendencies, tenderness, tendinites, tendinitis, tendonites, tendonitis, tendresses, tenebrists, tensioners, tensioning, tepidities, terpenoids, tidinesses, tininesses, tonicities, torridness, tortricids, trendiness, tretinoins, tricotines, trignesses, trisecting, trisection, 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11-letter words
benediction, benignities, bescreening, bindingness, bioengineer, bitterweeds, bonesetters, brininesses, cerebroside, cointerring, considering, constringed, constringes, contingents, copresented, copresident, cordierites, coresidents, corninesses, corsetieres, crossbreeds, crowstepped, decentering, decisioning, dentistries, depressions, descensions, description, descriptors, digressions, dinginesses, directories, dirtinesses, discontents, discreetest, discretions, discrowning, disinterest, dispersions, dispiriting, disrespects, dissections, dissentient, dissentions, distensions, distentions, distinction, distressing, districting, dottinesses, enregisters, enteritides, enteritises, enterprises, epeirogenic, escritoires, genericness, geneticists, greenstones, grindstones, inbreedings, indecentest, indecisions, indigestion, indignities, indirection, indisposing, inebrieties, ineptnesses, inertnesses, ingredients, ingressions, ingrownness, innerspring, innocentest, inscription, insentience, insistences, inspections, inspiriting, integrities, intenseness, intensities, interbreeds, interceders, interceding, intercepted, intercepter, interceptor, intercessor, interdictor, interesting, interiorise, internecine, interpoints, interposers, interposing, interpreted, interrogees, intersected, intersperse, interstices, intertwined, intertwines, intinctions, introspects, irredentist, necessities, newspersons, nippinesses, nonbreeders, nonbreeding, nondescript, nonentities, noninterest, nonreceipts, nonresident, notednesses, obscenities, pedogenesis, pedogenetic, pepsinogens, perceptions, percipients, peridotites, peridotitic, periostites, periostitis, peritonites, peritonitis, persistence, pertinences, petitioners, petitioning, pettinesses, pinpointing, pinspotters, piperidines, pointedness, postediting, posterities, postscripts, precensored, precessions, precipitins, preciseness, predecessor, predestines, predictions, predisposes, prednisones, preerecting, preignition, preprinting, prescinding, prescribing, presentient, presentness, prestressed, pretensions, prewritings, probenecids, proceedings, pronenesses, proprieties, proscribing, prospecting, protectress, protreptics, recondenses, reconsiders, redescribes, redigestion, redirecting, redirection, redisposing, redistricts, regressions, reignitions, reindicting, reinserting, reinsertion, reinspected, reinspiring, renitencies, reorienting, repetitions, repressions, reprocessed, reprocesses, rescreening, residencies, respondents, restressing, restricting, restriction, retinitides, retiredness, retroceding, retrospects, rigidnesses, rinderpests, ripsnorting, rotisseries, rowdinesses, seigniories, seniorities, sensitising, septentrion, serpentines, serriedness, sidestepper, sideswiping, sincereness, sincerities, sniperscope, snippetiest, snowberries, songwriters, spiderworts, spinnerette, spinosities, spiritistic, springiness, springtides, stridencies, stringiness, stringpiece, sweetbriers, sweetenings, tenebrionid, tepidnesses, testcrossed, tinninesses, tirednesses, topdressing, torpidities, torridities, trisections, tritenesses, twinberries, weirdnesses, westernised, westernises, windinesses, windscreens, winepresses, wintergreen, wintertides, wittinesses, wordinesses, wrongnesses

12-letter words
benedictions, bioenergetic, bioengineers, bioscientist, bitternesses, boringnesses, cerebrosides, constringent, contriteness, copresenting, copresidents, derepressing, derepression, descriptions, directnesses, directresses, discreetness, discreteness, disinterests, disinterring, disorienting, dissentients, distinctions, distinctness, enterprising, ergodicities, generosities, geoscientist, grittinesses, inconsistent, indigestions, indirections, indirectness, indiscretion, inscriptions, insentiences, insistencies, insobrieties, intentnesses, intercepters, intercepting, interception, interceptors, intercession, intercessors, intercropped, intercrossed, intercrosses, interdicting, interdiction, i
11:10 am

i've found 155 words... i'm done for now good luck everyone!
11:11 am

Hey you really need to get a life
11:13 am

Which is my point!! This is wots happening ITS NOT MY GAME PLAN!!
11:13 am

Yes would seem that way alas...never mind!!!
11:14 am

its only a game there are no prizes you are only testing yourself why get sooo worked up???
11:15 am

What do you care?
11:16 am

who me??
11:18 am

I don't care if the rankings ever get updated because I don't know how many of the top people are cheating and how many are just really good at this game, and frankly it doesn't really matter. It's like cheating at solitaire.
11:19 am

If people cheat they are only cheating themselves I like the challenge then seeing how many I have missed.
11:19 am

I dont care if I get two or two hundred words. Its just a freaking game to pass some time. Why get so uptight ?
11:20 am

No, not you. This clueless person. Who cares what anybody else does? Like someone already said, it's like cheating at solitaire. In the end you know how you got your score.

Who the heck has time to check against those word lists and then who has time to read everyone else's word list and work out who "really knew" those words? How can you tell? By the user name? By conversations here in chat?

Don't take this too seriously.
11:21 am

Not worked up at all lol just rather defeats the object, it must be a shallow victory anyway
11:22 am

What does it matter what other people do as long as you enjoy playing the game?

And talking of Tolkien ... there is sooo nearly Orcrist. I keep seeing it :S
11:23 am


Your 9 letter word list doesn't had the word "voiceless" Guess some of us found that without cheating
11:24 am

drama?! On babble?!? *GASP*
c'mon guys, its just a little online fun. No biggie.
11:24 am

It's good if we have at least one cheater, because it gives you someone to compare your word list to the next day ;)
11:26 am

Well when you have sat and chewed you pencil all day then look at the results seeing the same some ;) getting every poss word ...

Hey I aint that bothered just felt the masses should know what the few with to much time on there hands are doing

Okay Im moving on to my next case:p lol

11:27 am

fnurt?? at last some humour ;) LMAO!!
11:28 am

Thanks to those who listed points for the big words. Helped me find one right off the bat, and gives me hope for the others. :)
11:28 am

Ooo thanks for that Maudie LOL You see my plan worked ;) ROTF!!
11:29 am

Saphie you have gone Quiet ...

You busy checking the words ?? ;) LMAO!!
11:30 am


I still wondered what were the 12 V words from yesterday....
11:30 am

Hey I agree that when you see the same old getting all the words everyday its not possible not everyone can be perfect every day even if they are really clever but they stand out as cheats and they should be embarrassed they do
11:51 am

Good god, if you're going to cheat, just go find a solver for boggle on the web. they're out there, I've used them (and at least one has logs- you can see if someone else has solved the same puzzle...)- no reason to bother with all the words there'd be if the game was "jumble". I don't find a puzzle much fun if I've looked at the solution for it, though.
12:14 pm

Hey jlm_mi, I've got 5 7s for 36 - still missing 2 for 44 though, and the 8 for 60 - any clues?
12:39 pm

I'm guessing you got the 7 for 44 that makes the 8 for 60 since you have that one. The other 7 for 44 that I have (still hunting for one) is based on a 6 for 30. The 6 is a 3-letter verb with a 3-letter prefix.
12:53 pm

any help on the 8 for 70? i was tempted to type in every 8-letter word from that list but then i said, nah ;)
12:58 pm

8 for 70 - add suffix to 5-letter word
12:58 pm

LMAO - Wouldn't that be fun!

I don't have it yet, but am about to start working on it. The base 8 letters have to add up to 14, so it has to contain some high-point letters. Maybe the W plus one of the 2-pointers and one of the 3-pointers? Or maybe 3 of the 3-pointers plus all the rest 1-pointers?

Don't know yet, but hope that makes it easier to search.
1:02 pm

Rolling my eyes at that 8 for 70. Not really believing it's a word, though it did give me another 7 for 44 by removing the first letter.

OK - Just looked up the definition and it's better than it sounds. ;)
1:03 pm

Thanks jlm_mli, got it!

I've got the 8 for 70, not the one for 60, so I'm guessing that the 7 for 44 that I'm still missing is the one related to the 8 for 60? If so, my clue for fnurt below should help you find your remaining 7 for 44 too!

Fnurt, the 8 for 70 can be made from one of the 7s for 44 by adding one letter in the beginning. To be honest I didn't know it was a word until I typed it in to check, just in case, LOL, but it seems it does exist!

Who could be bothered doing anything with that list anyway, surely that would take even longer than playing around with the puzzle??? Whatever makes people tick I guess...
1:05 pm

LOL jlm_mi, we typed at the same time! Now all I'm missing is the 8 for 60 and associated 7 for 44...
1:07 pm

The 7 for 52 is also made from the 8 for 70. So now I think I have all the 7s and 8s (at least that have been reported here!).

I'm sorry I misread your post earlier. I was thinking you had already found the 8 for 60. But you're right - the 8 for 60 is related to a 7 for 44. It's also got a 6 for 30 and a 5 for 18. These are all with various ending letters added onto the 5-letter word.
1:08 pm

i have 11 7s and 3 8s

anyone have anymore?
1:10 pm

11 7's and 2 8's here

What are the point values of your 8's?
1:12 pm

60, 70, and 50
1:14 pm

woohoo i got 100 has been a while since i've done this well. i guess there's something to be said for being sick and unable to sleep.
1:18 pm

this is the first time i have played for a score of 994 and 77 words !!!! yeehaaa for me and they won't post my score so i sent this message.....
1:26 pm

103/1542 i swear i've tried every combination twice.
1:32 pm


So, you seem to be missing some of the smaller words, and I'm still missing some on the bigger side. I don't have the 8 for 50 yet.
1:33 pm


Thank you so much for what you posted

"But you're right - the 8 for 60 is related to a 7 for 44. It's also got a 6 for 30 and a 5 for 18. These are all with various ending letters added onto the 5-letter word."

I was kicking myself when I looked at those three words and the 8 for 60 popped up :)
1:34 pm

it won't take owie! :(
1:35 pm

8 for 50 - add a prefix to a 5 for 14
1:36 pm

Drat, I don't think I have the right 5 for 18, and I'll have to leave in a few minutes! Oh well, I'm at 88 for 1339, not too bad I guess - this one was harder than yesterday's!
2:01 pm

76/4.68/912...back later
2:01 pm

Hmmm ... I have an 8 for 70, but I don't see a 7 for 52 in there ... the underlying 7 is worth 44.

Can there possibly be two 70-point 8s?
2:02 pm

Never mind my last ... there are 2 underlying 7s in the 70-point 8, and one of them is indeed worth 52.
2:03 pm

could be... what does your 8 for 70 start with?
2:04 pm

With my 70-point 8, removing one letter leads to a 44-point 7, but removing a different letter leads to a 52-point 7. It just depends which end you approach it...
2:33 pm

Hey Clueless ...been out at my daughters end of term play :)). Who wants to cheat??? not me!!! LOL

And yes it is just a game, and if you've been around a long time this topic pops up once a month or so, but it does rankle if you've slogged your guts out whilst others haven't..... but each to their own!!
2:46 pm

So, what letters haven't you used to start words yet? I think it's impossible to start anything with the Tin the lower right, but other than that?

I have not used the E or the N in the upper left to start words, and those surprise me. I would have thought there'd be something there.

Also haven't used the two Is in the lower left or the P on the far right for starting words, but those are less surprising.

Has anyone used any of those as starting letters?
3:00 pm

Havent started with those or the G
3:03 pm

I do not have any of those, but I do have 2 G words (they are related)
3:17 pm

Interesting - I figured others would have some there.

I also have 2 related g words.
3:24 pm

Hey jlm_mi, was the better than it sounds comment a clue? and it was for the 70 point 8 wasn't it?
3:30 pm

this is not the easiest...
3:31 pm

i agree
3:39 pm

I can't see any of the good words! I only have three sevens, each for 36 points, and only 826 points in total. This is possibly my worst game ever.
3:47 pm

I've only got two 7's yet I have 856 points
3:54 pm

No, sorry, that wasn't a clue really. It was for the 70 pointer though.

The word is 3 letters added to the end of a perfectly normal 5-letter word. I couldn't really believe it was a word, meaning what it seemed to mean just based on how I read it. But the definition at actually has it being a type of food. Not what I would have guessed at all!

That won't help you figure it out, though. But the 5-letter word that it is based on is for 22 points.
3:54 pm

too hard!! no sevens--only 4s and 5s, 176 points...
4:11 pm

Well here you are Sapphie. Shouldn't you like be packing or something? Aren't you going somewhere soon or something? Thought I heard that somehwere.
4:17 pm

Is the board very slow today - oh, say it isn't my little browser... over a minute for each word, from when I hit 'enter'..... over 95 minutes to enter only 72 words.... I think I'll pack-it-in , too frustrating.
4:17 pm

Jim-mi Thanks I have just got the 8 for 70 with your help.
4:19 pm

Hi Christine, it is taking ages to scroll down the page. I actually just got the 8 word for 70. I am getting better at this.
4:22 pm

I don't know if you want to call it cheating, but I do use the resources at my disposal. I use the Thesaurus a lot. I generally start the game by trying to find words in the puzzle by myself, with no help from the log or any dictionaries. And when I reach an ending point, I turn to the log and I also happen to be a terrible speller. So often I think I see a word, and instead of entering every possibility (I have dial-up, and at times my computer can be awfully slow), I use my Scrabble Player Dictionary. I play a lot of Scrabble and Quiddler. I use my Scrabble dictionary when I play those two games, so I use it for this one as well. Not only does it help me find words, it also helps me define what is a word, and what is not. It also helps build my vocab. Before I started playing Quiddler, I did not know words like tmesis, oi, cwm, crwth, zax, etc. And I pretty much see this game as playing against myself. Ya, I compare scores, but its fun to do that. Like, yesterday, I had only four 'V' words. When I found out there were 15, I started hunting again, and ended up finding the rest. That was fun. Its all for fun.

I have noticed that the same folks seem to be at the top of every game. Not once did it ever cross my mind that they were somehow 'cheating.' My first thought was, "Wow, I wish I had a vocab like them, and the ability to identify those words in a game like this."

Assuming that anyone playing this game is 'cheating,' in my opinion, is a waste of time. If we were playing for money, or for National Babble stakes (if there were such a thing), then making sure folks don't cheat would be a priority. But if the same folks are the same ones every time for a game like this, who knows? Maybe at some point they'll get board and move on, or maybe not. I hope they don't. 'Cause I like looking at their lists after the game is done, to see what I have missed. I have become a better player looking at their lists. Its made me pay attention to more word possibilities than I did before. And I like that.

Its fun. :)
4:22 pm

clearly not hitting the big ones today...17/111????
4:24 pm

PS: I have 56 words, with one 6 and one 7. Still working on being able to see past 4 and 5 letter words.
4:25 pm

Doe sit really matter how people find the words. It is a game, I like to see what other people get .
4:29 pm

I looooooooooove to see what other people get. Sometimes I cannot believe some the simplest words I have missed. Like from two puzzles back, I totally missed tattoo!!
4:32 pm

I'm so sad I make up words and get exicited when they are accepted.
4:43 pm

I happen to know that one of the "cheaters" is just testing his AI programming skills ; ). Can't really police what other people do eh?
4:44 pm

Same here Mal - then next puzzle Im trying to remember what was accepted and what wasnt!
4:46 pm

Hopefully tommorrow all this will be forgotten. We can then play to enjoy.
4:49 pm

I am giving up, and going to bed. Bye
4:52 pm

ok wait i found a 6 for 33 so now how do the rest work?
4:52 pm

i don't think i can expand on it any more....
4:53 pm

oh rats nevermind...looks like it starts with a 5 for 18 which i don't have..sigh..can i get a refund on some letters??? i think i have my receipt
4:54 pm

woot 7 for
4:55 pm

king arthur has my 6 for 33....
4:55 pm

oh yeah and my 5 for 20
6:11 pm

What's up Tolinya???
6:14 pm

I like going through the words others have found from the day before. I play cos I like it and it improves my vocab while I vegetate with kids. I dont care where the rankings are
6:16 pm

I don't come anywhere close to nearing the rankings. I just think it's fun and stimulating...albeit I'm supposed to be working, but who cares, right?
6:31 pm

yeah like i'm gonna tell on's ok robert is trying not to get pneumonia so we're doing ok..
6:32 pm

Not doing very well with this puzzle.
6:34 pm

me neither 23/262
6:35 pm

56, 540. Was going to try for 100 words but does not look likely.
6:42 pm

Yep, time to start typing in the nonsense words. STUCK LIKE GLUE at 69/704
6:47 pm

One 7 for 36 but no 8's. Please don't tell me there are 9 letter words in here.
6:48 pm

we must have the same lonely 7-letter word (a math word)
6:48 pm

Where is lawyer1. and the other high scorers?
6:49 pm

6-6's, 3-7's no 8's or 9's.
6:52 pm

Wow, an 8 letter word for 70!
7:12 pm

70 at 770. Need to take a break. may be back later.
7:27 pm

ooh! found a 7, then an 8 to go along with it - reminds one of circuses (sp?)
7:28 pm

*well, not exactly, but it evokes the feeling of that or the fair.
7:33 pm

ooh and a rabbit-y word. am at 67 864.
why is all that junk in the puzzle? to make it easy for people to stop thinking - isn't that what tv's for? ;)
7:34 pm

4t8 - If you've got the 8 I think you do, that's kind of what I though too. But it's actually a cheese! :D
7:38 pm

oh my goodness! just checked it out in the dictionary. how silly!
8:09 pm

Does anyone know how many words are in this puzzle> I am up to 75 at 873.
8:17 pm

Does anyone have any words starting with G?
8:17 pm

120 words 4.89 1778

8:17 pm

yup 2
8:18 pm

i have two words starting with g - one is the plural of the other
8:18 pm

they're similar to something you do just reverse 2 letters
8:24 pm

I've tried every combo I can think of and cannot find a g word. :(
8:24 pm

ergh! i was so happy at 70/942
8:29 pm

i am doing well on this puzzle because i am sick and since i can't breathe through my nose and drool when i breathe through my mouth, i can't sleep and thus got most of my words last night because i was bored and miserable
8:31 pm

nutkin, Glad you are doing well with the puzzle. Sorry you are sick. Hope you are feeling better soon.
8:31 pm

similar to a smile....and that's a BIG HINT
8:32 pm

actually i think the g word means ironic
8:32 pm

nut maybe you could've stayed at my place last night the kid is sick and was up ever 2 hours...maybe we could arrange that next time you both wanna be sick??? and you could play babble as do you feel about breastfeeding?
8:33 pm

well yeah it does but i had said in an earlier clue that you have to reverse 2 letters...
8:34 pm

my daughter just got over being sick and gave it to me... i'm not one for kid gets enfamil lactofree
8:34 pm

hehe...mine's trying not to get pneumonia..he's 8 months
8:36 pm

mine is 8 weeks
8:38 pm

missed that - was im'ing - nutkin, please get better soon!
8:38 pm

Thanks for the hints but I am still not getting any g words. The only one I keep seeing is grin and It is not possible to make.
8:39 pm

aww a little baby..mine was never small...he was 9lbs 2oz and almost 23 inches long...
how big was yours?
8:40 pm

Finally got them. I reversed the letters. I don't know why it took me so long. I have used these words in other puzzles. Thanks so much for the hints.
8:41 pm

periwinkle - go with what you've got there, but follow the hint earlier to swap two letters ;)

Someone earlier posted having found 155 words. I'm stuck at 119/1698 and don't have the energy to look for any more tonight.
8:43 pm

yeah well i'm at 25..clearly a high ranking night for me..hehe
8:47 pm

I am up to 80 words . 952. I am tired. Good night everyone.
8:56 pm

she was 5 lbs 10 oz and 18.5 inches long
she's 10 lbs now :)
9:02 pm

speaking of little ones, shouldn't "owies" be a word
9:12 pm

another 8: this one food[heat]-related too.
think i'm done at 81/1167.
9:38 pm

woohoo, I got the 8 for 60! :D
9:45 pm

periwinkle (at 8:38), think of Johnny Carson...
10:58 pm

I got the cheese! lol
11:00 pm

100 words, I'm out!
11:19 pm

got to 36/406....
11:32 pm

i'm bulldog's nephew, I'm a frosh in high school and uncle peeps is a total nerd.
11:48 pm

41/446 that's as good as i can get tonight...
11:54 pm

52 words 4.62 619
11:57 pm

36 words 4.44 386
Drunk and Out
11:59 pm

I'm disappointed in myself tonight.
11:59 pm

Cheese at the last minute
12:00 am

37 words 4.43 392