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View Word List Saturday, August 14, 2004


1909 Stevo
1909 baby#3
1867 Kirsty1
1858 shortseer
1837 retropink
1685 jlm_mi
1670 4fun
1607 bumblebee
1556 onyx
1477 ZoeyMO
1463 soho72
1414 fnurt
1351 Suzanah
1311 Karin
1308 keadyj
1274 Wendrie
1252 cz
1252 runningforhome
1171 eyezzz
1080 periwinkle
1071 B.B.
1059 pat7936
1018 sally
1013 xena
1006 fit1
997 Treble99
994 eddie
986 Milly
980 Christine
956 sweets
952 Michelle
949 coma
911 bigbirdboss
893 Annette
889 Stin
884 elara6
871 chaz
860 Atalante
859 marigold
843 ShanV
825 ralphie
822 BIA
797 lfaerie
788 aj
772 faunafrailty
747 Karen
747 granadan
739 alimaya
716 Daisy
694 Q
677 jennyb
656 joanie84
643 a1axelady
624 boatierra
615 a1axmama
600 sophiebug
590 4t8
588 pennypooh
577 youngster
524 elvendoll
521 Delta
513 Dottie
491 myringe
484 ansalon
454 sleeky
452 katmom
440 Rosemom
433 skovran
424 ChaiBee
415 Nadlor
415 jen
411 vaughne
411 Tanny
401 Leo
400 nat
398 carrie
374 busymom
366 bebelua
362 allstar
359 gcmgolfnut
357 Benjake
353 angsthase
353 Suzi
343 Palavra
342 Jenner
342 SillyPutty
332 cr8onguy
328 tinyg0dzilla
308 Cindy
302 ame
298 linda
279 madeline
258 schnee
252 howardm
249 spappy
245 Sté
219 Peacescrab
212 trixiew
190 modina
181 KarenA14
163 liz
139 Neliamne
132 Bob
123 JOG
108 Sonechko
84 fuzzy
81 rathsog
76 The Divine Miss
70 allbaldo
59 lion_newbie
57 carmen
52 Beltane
33 Patella
32 goforit
29 Jemima
24 parsec
23 adrian
14 sapphire
6 Swtbtrcup


12:10 am

a 7 for 44 pts
12:17 am

Why can't 'cyto' be a word by itself? Damn prefixes...
12:25 am

Won't take 'paba' either...
12:31 am

I'm done. 35 for 266, and my best are a couple of 5's for far to go...
12:33 am

I have two sixes for 24...
12:34 am

And one for thirty.
12:34 am

my 6's are 24 and 27
12:37 am

I have two 7s. One for 44 and one for 52. So far to go.
12:54 am

I have a seven for 48, but I don't have either of the ones aj mentioned.
1:03 am

70 words/805
1:06 am

I have a 7 for 48 and 52
1:11 am

what do they start with...mine starts with a B
1:18 am

the 52 is a longer version of a word I'm sure you already have...
1:19 am

hmm, so's the other - p
1:20 am

Got it-thanks!
1:32 am

the other starts with a b
1:34 am

Good night 65 words/747
1:48 am

136 words for today.
1:52 am

What I have so far:

3x7...44, 52, 48
4x6...27, 36, 27, 30
5x5...14, 16, 18, 18, 18

1:53 am

love starting the night with a 7
1:56 am

I have the same sevens, but my sixes are:
27, 24, 36, 33, 24, 30
2:04 am

the second 6 for 27 starts as a 4 letter word which you might have already, and means a numbered group.

hints for the 6x24's?
7:52 am

A x 5
B x 14
C x 5
D x 4
E x
F x
G x 5
H x 3
I x
N x 4
O x 7
P x 26
R x 1
T x 10

4 x 7s 40, 44, 52, 48

5 x 6s 27, 27, 24, 24, 30

23 x 5s
8:25 am

There is a "y" word it is taking. Someone who interferes
8:27 am

Thanks, fit1. A machiah!
8:35 am

Chaz, ROFL. Thanks for my laff of the day
9:12 am

Well, I've got 5 D's already...
9:13 am

6 N's
9:16 am

2 Y's -- but the clue helped me on one...
10:26 am

Make that 15 B's...
10:57 am

there's a 7 for 56
11:57 am

Chaz, are you still here? Good afternoon!
12:09 pm

marigold, are you here?
12:26 pm

HInts for the 7's would be very much appreciated. :)
12:31 pm

Found the 7 for 44 all by myself!
12:31 pm

Is anyone else playing or am I talking to myself?
12:41 pm

I'm here, periwinkle, for whatever good it's doing me.
12:47 pm

There is a 6 for 36 that means "*The act of looking out suddenly, as from behind a screen, so as to startle some one." It's also a nusery rhyme name, and I can't believe it's actually a word.
12:47 pm

Hints for the 7 for 56?
12:50 pm

I don't have the 7 for 56.
1:14 pm

the 56 actually came up the other day .... under the sea la la la
1:15 pm

Ok...give me hint about the nursery rhyme for the 6 for 36. I also have a different 6 for 36 meaning allure or entice.
1:20 pm

It's the name of a nursery rhyme character, and comes before your 36. I'm sure you won't believe it's a word. I don't even know why I tried it.
1:24 pm

Got it!

1:36 pm

soho, I agree with you. Then they don't take things that should be words. I guess that's what keeps us all guessing :)
1:37 pm

the thing I can't get over, fit1, is that I even tried it. Must have been a measure of how desperate I was.
2:16 pm

that nursery rhyme character may have come from Shakespeare but I still don't think it is a proper word....
2:20 pm

What does the 7 for 56 start with please? Also, the nursery rhyme clue is not helping me :(.
2:29 pm

Peri - that nursery character is small :)
2:29 pm

I don't have a 7 for 36 but i do have a 6 for thirty six - and I googled the definition given to find it...
2:30 pm

I got the nursery rhyme one but I can't believe it is a real word. Never would have tried it without the hint. Thanks. :)
2:35 pm

they won't give me antiage. So what am I trying to do with all those moisturizers :)
2:35 pm

Wendrie, is your 6 for 36 different from the nursery rhyme 6 for 36?
2:44 pm

Nope that is it - comes from shakespeare immortalised in a nursery rhyme.... and a babble game :)
2:50 pm

I have a different 6 for 36 as well. Looked it up in my Merriam Webster online, and it isn't there. I was shocked to get it. Also, anyone tell me what the 56 begins with?
2:57 pm

Still haven't found that 7/56 thanks for the 6/36 clue and telling me that there were actually some Ys... I found 2 in the end :)

I'm closing down for the night hope this helps someone :
A x 6
B x 16
C x 6
D x 10
E x 4
G x 5
H x 3
N x 4
O x 7
P x 26
R x 1
T x 10
Y x 2
3:15 pm

I've found 6x 7s :


* wound cover (noun)
* to colour (verb)
* 10th of ones income (verb)
* compliance with orders (verb)
* meal associated with communion (noun)
* source of revenue (noun)
3:16 pm

I didn't know that a powered orange drink was considered a word, as well as a brand name...will wonders never cease...
3:35 pm

The 7/56 begins with B :)
3:59 pm

[quote] The 7/56 begins with B :)

i don't have that one ... so there must be at least 7x7s ....
4:00 pm

there's another for 48 I don't think you have either - well, I can't match it in with any of your descriptions anyway!
4:01 pm

I have the 48 as well.
4:04 pm

what's it start with?
the 48 i have starts with A
the 56 i have starts with T
4:07 pm

Starts with p.
4:09 pm

56 B, 48 P
4:10 pm

that means there must be at least 8x 7s
4:23 pm

The only '10th of one's income' word I can think of doesn't exist in this puzzle. Can I get a starting letter?
4:26 pm

4:40 pm

I cant believe ti will taek the nursery rhyme one, but wont take Thor....
4:40 pm

runnung for home....not spelled the way I thought either, but it's there. I'm still struggling with the 8/b and 7/p :(
4:48 pm

Thanks, fit1, I got it.

There's an 8-letter word now?
4:54 pm

and i STILL haven't got the P and B words either ...
and now you say there's an 8 ???
5:12 pm

Someone misspoke. The B for 56 is 7 letters. There are no 8s, I'm pretty sure.
5:16 pm

Thanks Jim_ mi, but I don't feel any better. Can't find the 7 either, although I found the b/7 for 44 first shot out of the box. :)
5:17 pm

jlm-mi, does the 7 letter B word for 56 start the same way as the 7 letter B word for 44?
5:21 pm

I don't have the B56 yet, but just based on the math, I don't think it can start the same was as the B44. At least not the same first 4 letters.

It needs to either have a 4,4,2 combo, or maybe 4,3,3. Since we know it has a 3 (the B) I'd guess 4,3,3 plus 4 singles. It could also have 3,3,3,2 plus 3 singles.
5:28 pm

no it doesn't ...
5:32 pm

Atalante - I remember an under the sea word from a few days ago that started with B, but it ended with S. Is this word similar, do you know? Or is it something totally different?

The first 6 letters of that word are in this puzzle, but of course, not the S. If the S were there, that word would only be worth 48 points, though.
5:33 pm

Nevermind. I should try a few word variations before I panic, LOL! :)
5:36 pm

The 7/48-P is a hilarious word! Never heard it before, but maybe it's more common in England?
5:50 pm

well, I gotta give up. We are expecting strong wind and rains and we are going out. Can't leave on puter. :( I AM FRUSTRATED
5:50 pm

what does it mean?
i'd gladly tell you whether it's common if i knew what it was.
and how many days ago did the under the sea word come up in play and i'll go and check that out.
i dont get to play that often
(goes for the sympathy vote)
5:54 pm

shortseer - The 7/48-P means a man acting more like a woman than a man, or another definition is to waste time doing silly things.

The under the sea word was a while ago, at least a week, maybe two weeks or more. It's a very uncommon word, unless maybe you're in the marine sciences field. But I was right in my guess - it does contain 2 3-point letters (including the B) and a 4-pointer. It is the adjective form of a word meaning the ocean floor.
5:55 pm

And now a question for you, shortseer:

You mentioned a 7 that means a meal associated with communion. I found a 6 that means that and starts with A. So there's also a 7 with the same meaning? Does it start with A? Is it the A-48?
6:00 pm

yes - related
just play with the final letters
and i've just realised the the 7-letter form isn't of course the noun form
6:25 pm

Still stumped by that one, but I'll keep looking.

Any luck with the 7/48-P based on that clue? The only place I could find a definition was in the Cambridge International Dictionary, so that's why I assumed it was British.
6:32 pm

Oh, some stats from boggle solver (not 100% accurate, only use as a guide!):

135 words
6:33 pm

just got it
god i'm an idiot
do you have the 5-letter word related to it?
i did
you'll find that word in the dictionary
and yes .. i would use the 7-letter word to mean the prangcing around wasting time type of definition.
if you look up the 5-letter word it means pimp. not the way i've used!

i really annoy myself when i miss obvious related words that i know.
i seem to do it every time i play!
6:35 pm

I do the same. I got the 5 letter word right about the time you posted that, despite the fact that I've had the 7 for quite a while!

And it's not at all uncommon for me to find a word like gates, but then not put in gate. LOL!
6:36 pm

Am I the only one who sees dingbat just about every time they look at the puzzle? :-D
6:39 pm

thanks for the stats
i've got all the 6s
still working on the the B&%$ B word for 8 :(
i'm australian not british, but we generally speak brit (just with a funny accent). That word .. i would use it sort of like so-and-so was prancing around - putting on airs, acting the fool, etc
6:43 pm

I think the puzzle goes both ways in that sometimes there are British words (or Aussie) that those of us in the US have trouble with, and there are US words that Brits or Aussies don't spot so easily. It's fair!

So, since you have all the 6s, would you be willing to give us the point counts in alphabetical order? Pretty please with sugar on top? ;)
6:43 pm

Oh, and the B word is only 7 letters. If you get desperate, you could probably use google or a reverse dictionary to find it. ;)
6:45 pm

And just so I can get soooo many posts in a row ;) my starting letters have some that are more than has been posted, but not many:

6:48 pm

gosh ... that will awfully time consuming.
How about you post the 2nd letter for that awful B word while i'm sorting out the words ;)
So what is it you want?
the 6-letter words? yes?

just starting letters?
or starting letters and points?
or just points but arranged in alphabetical sequential order?

your choice
6:49 pm

marigold, I found the lat B word.
6:50 pm

I meant to say the last B word.
6:51 pm

oh wait
i see
you want you did
6:51 pm

maigold, it looks like there are 22 B words. :(
6:51 pm

Just points in alphabetical order will be a good start. Don't want the clues to make it too easy all at once. ;)

The 2nd letter for the B word is E. It's the E to the lower left of the B. Work left, and counter-clockwise from there. It ends in a letter worth more than one point.
6:52 pm

There may be more than 22 B words. That's what I've found so far, but I'm far from done - I'm at 105 and counting.
6:54 pm

I have 11 words that start with T.
6:57 pm

11x A
21x B (soon to be 22 i hope ... how can i fail to find it now?)
7x C
10x D
6x E
6x H
0x I
7x N
8x O
30x P
1x R
15x T
2x Y

all care taken but no responsibility for possible adding up mistakes ;)
6:59 pm

So, shortseer, if I've added right, you have 122 words. I'm very impressed!

Are you a lawyer? Either way, it's a great disclaimer you've got there. Even anonymous, we need to cover everything, just in case. :-D
7:02 pm

Please, please tell me how many points the 7 letter A word for a communion meal is. I'm going batty, and I really want to go watch a movie now, but I HAVE to find it first!!!!
7:10 pm

it's 48 points
strip of the last TWO letters of the 6-letter word and work from there
how can you fail?
(but then i still haven't found the b word despite all the clues)

oh and you can't count
(mind you neither can i - and also i accidently added up your list instead of mine a couple of times - that didnt help)
7:11 pm

Do you have 121? I guess I prematurely gave you credit for the B word. I swear I've tried everything for that stupid A word, but we can be frustrated together.
7:14 pm

OK, I found my A word and can breathe easily. I exhausted many combinations before trying that one. If I were to spell that word from hearing it, I would leave out the E.
7:15 pm

And I meant 131 words, just can't seem to make my fingers obey.
7:19 pm

30 mins before i time out

i may just be forced to log back in.

whatever this word is, once i find out what it is, i don't think i'll ever forget it
7:29 pm

FINALLY got it!!!!
*looks it up*
... derived from the greek word meaning depths of the sea.
7:29 pm

So, now do you have time to help us with those 6-letter point values?
7:34 pm

22x B
31x P

What? You want me to lose my fragile advantage?
I dont often get this close to the total score you know.
And apparently i am still missing 3 words
7:36 pm

It doesn't have to be often. As long as it's at least 3 times in the last 3 days, you'll do well. If you haven't checked the rankings, you're 6th. ;) Not that I can complain, at 9th, but still. LOL!
7:48 pm

6th. Sigh.
Ah but i reached giddier heights.
I think i'll be continuing to drop as i've noticed lots of people getting max words when i haven't been playing.

13x 6-letter words :

communion meal 27
robber 27
hat 24
nursery rhyme character 35
to stroke (archaic) 36
tree 24
related to an animal? 42
a method of applying pigment 33
learned person 27
clothing 24
numerical group 27
western or setting 24
to play 30
7:57 pm

Thanks shortseer! And 6th is certainly something to enjoy. :)
9:58 pm

I came back and am ready to frustrate myself again
10:05 pm

fit1 - I'm back also. Where can we help each others' frustration?
10:12 pm

Jim_mi. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Guess what I did. Go do a google on Greek word "depths of the sea". Well, I'll be dingle dangled, I FOUND IT ON GOOGLE. I never heard of it, and I could have looked the rest of my life :)
10:17 pm

Desperate times indeed! I remember that one from last time around, and just needed to modify a bit.
10:20 pm

Ah, Jim, I'm a newbie. Been here only a few days, so I don't remember it obviously. And I'm having a devil of a time with the communion meal. I think I know the word, but I can't spell it.
10:20 pm

was there a clue for the 48 letter P word and the 48 letter A word? I got the 56 letter B word by using Google too.
10:21 pm

I tried using Google to find the communion meal word but can't find anything that starts with an A :(
10:29 pm

Let's see where I can help!

If you think you know the A word for communion meal, you're probably right. :) First, you can get a 5-letter word that seems reasonable. Then, you can add one letter to get a 6-letter. I guess it would be plural then, but, of course, you don't add an S. To get the 7-letter, it's more challenging. I would never have thought to spell it this way, except that I ran out of options. But it's in adjective form for the 7-letter.

Periwinkle - I think you've been up too long. There are no 48-letter words. ;) Only 48-point ones. :-D The communion meal word starts with a 5-letter A word for 16 points that has another, totally different meaning. More like in awe of something. Keep building as I stated above to get to the 48-A.

The 48-P? I was going back and fortth a bit with shortseer about it. Brits or Aussies would be more likely to get it. I've never heard of it, being from the US, but guessed correctly based on points and got it. There is a 5-letter word for 18 also starting with P to build on. I guess this is the gerund form, if I remember my high school English OK.
10:37 pm

jlm_mi, Yes, I am up past my bedtime but my neighbor was playing loud music and I couldn't sleep. Thanks so much for your help. I finally got the communion meal. Never would have found it by myself.
10:38 pm

s'OK, I'm up too late too. But my husband is out of town at a bachelor party for a friend, so I get to live like a bachelorette for an evening. :)
10:39 pm

And if you have any help at all for the 7-40 I'd love it. I'm soooo stumped! I figure it must start with A or B, and it means "soure of revenue", but nothing I can see here makes sense with that.
10:40 pm

I knew I knew the word, jim_mi. I have had the first 6 letters all day. I learned the word on a Catholic experience of marriage encounter many moons ago. But I just can't figger the spelling. I know how to pronounce it, tho :)
10:41 pm

Help, I have three 5 letter words that total 18 and I don't know which one to use. Would anyone be kind enough to give me the 2nd letter of this P word, pretty please?
10:42 pm

So, did you get the 7-letter one then, fit1?
10:42 pm

I'd be happy to oblige, periwinkle. That would be O.
10:44 pm

oops, I meant I had the 5 letter word. Still can't add six and seven
10:45 pm

The 7 just adds 2 letters onto the end of the 5, as is, to make it. I was shocked it was a word.
10:53 pm

the puzzle is about to end. I still didn't get it. You can all vote me off the island. I'm going to bed :)
10:54 pm

We have another hour. ;) And you can stay! :-D
10:55 pm

jlm-mi, I am too tired. Just can't find that P word, despite all of your help. Good Night.
11:35 pm

Oh, this Communion meal word is guaranteed todrive me dotty. The five lette word I've had all the time, and I found the 6letter word... but how the heck can I add three points? That would have to be a B....
11:52 pm

I've got the 7 letter word but the puzzle rejects every possible end letter I can see to make the 6 letter.
11:54 pm

Dang - shoulda come here earlier.... now I'll never get the agape + word.
11:56 pm

I'll trade you - AGAPAE .. AGAPAE .. then what?
11:57 pm

Ooops -- first word AGAPE
11:59 pm

try C